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Thread: Breastfeeding-What is Too Long?

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    Breastfeeding-What is Too Long?

    I didn't put this in Family or R&S because it's a universal topic and I'd love to see reactions from around the globe, if ppl are so inclined.

    I stumbled across this clip yesterday, about a family that practices "Extended Breastfeeding". They feel the child should decide when to wean from the breast. This British woman nursed her first daughter for 5 years. Her 2nd daughter is 8 and still latching on. What really bothered me is that the 8 year old, upon receiving too little milk by her standards-Hit her mom in the breasts! Accused her of "emptying her boobs"!

    The WHO recommends nursing until 4. In areas with dodgy water or irregular access to food, this makes perfect sense. In 1st World areas, though, once a child has a fully developed immune system and can fully digest table food, is there any nutritional benefit?

    What is most common where you live? What's your opinion on this Extended business?

    FWIW-I think Mom here has missed a large part of her job. Parents DO make decisions for their kids. I'm uncomfortable with her having the family snack jar on her chest. The kids have no boundaries re her personal space (watch the clip, you'll see). She sighs that she had to set rules in order to be able to get dressed in peace. I don't think it's some sexual thing, but Mom gets far too much of her self-esteem from being needed by her kids. It will make it hard for her kids to separate, self-soothe, live independently, I think. And empty nest syndrome is gonna kick her ass, imo.

    Of course I'm blowing smoke LOL, how the hell would I know? I nursed 11 months, I think. And I'm not claiming to be any model parent at this point. That's reserved for ppl w/ no teenagers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Of course I'm blowing smoke LOL, how the hell would I know? I nursed 11 months, I think. And I'm not claiming to be any model parent at this point. That's reserved for ppl w/ no teenagers!
    LMAO at that comment Beth .... I know a number of those "model" parents ... however I believe in karma and coming back to live many many lives so I have no fear lessons will be learned sooner or later and over and over !

    As for the breast feeding thing moi aussi Beth .... 3 out of 4 kids and for about a year!! Even in the animal kingdom there is a limited period for young to nurse so why do we think we have to rewrite the rules of nature .... have we learned nothing ! Whatever ....

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    I think every case would be slightly different, food allergies as an example, but 1 yr to 18 mo I would agree with. If the child can talk or eat solid food, they need to get off the boob.
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    I did a bit more reading. The WHO actually recommends 2 years, minimum. And the older daughter in the video, that said she weaned at 5, lied according to her mother. It was actually 7. The youngest one requested birthday bitty for her 9th bday!

    Darnedest thing. It's unusual, not as much as I would have thought. This gal is a big ol' media ho though, and she's pimping out her kids in more ways than one. Why would she tell the world the oldest kid lied, except to support her own beliefs/needs?

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    A friend of my niece is almost four and still on the tit, her parents, as a matter of principal will never say no to her and are going to home educate.

    The interesting bit is yet to come as the mother is pregnant again, how is a kid that is breast fed and always getting her own way going to react to having to share with a sibling?

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    When a child is old enough to say she/he wants to nurse it's a screaming sign it's beyond time to wean. As I understand breastfeeding, a natural weaning would occur as other sources of nutrition (hopefully these are available) are introduced to the child.

    Eight years old and punching Mom in the breast?

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    My little bro (only nursed a year) was a product of a childrearing theory that postulated that saying "No" destroys a child's self esteem. It was pretty hellish at home, with the toddler having full run of the house.

    He's 42. I need to call him right now...since he's SPENDING THE SUMMER IN JAIL!

    Gawd, what are people thinking.

    Timaru, they call that tandem nursing. Good point about the sibling resentment, none of them mention that.

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    When the kid is squeezing mom's boob to get a little milk for his morning coffee then things have gone too far.

    I know someone who breastfed her son until he was at least three or four and it made people uncomfortable when he would walk up to her, stick his head under her shirt and start snacking.

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    I think to fairly respond to your question betheny will take some personal hands on research on my part...then I'll get back to you
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    My daughter Shanah nursed her kids 3 yrs each more or less.
    She was leaving it up to them.
    Luckily she wanted more kids & wasn't getting pregnant while they nursed.
    So when they started slowing down she worked with it.
    They would jump up for a few secs and run on.
    No I didn't agree! I was like "get them off!"

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