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Thread: c4-5 nightime safety

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    c4-5 nightime safety

    I have a C4 -- C5 complete injury and am pretty helpless once I'm in bed. our last child is graduating from high school and will be leaving home soon. I'm looking for ideas that would allow me to spend the night alone safely when my wife is out of town. Currently, I have a voice-activated buzzer I can use to summon help from within the house. I'd be interested in hearing what higher-level quads use to summon help from outside once they're in bed. It would be nice to avoid having to have someone stay the night because usually I don't need any help.

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    I have an intercom system for inside assisstance. Easiest solution:
    Use your cordless phone with an earpiece.. if you can dial. I think they make some voice activated ones. I use mine if I need to make calls after I'm in bed, but I'm never left alone.

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    I keep my cell phone with me while in the bed. I stay alone most of the time so that is my means of communication. That's the best security I have for the most part and if something medically was to happen where I couldn't dial out on the cell phone I would just be found in the morning time. Not the best of solutions but the best I can do at this particular moment.

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    Even having someone physically present doesn't always work. I have a night nurse/assistant that is supossed to stay up all night with me. However, she sleeps nearly every night with me unable to wake her up. I am able to breathe on my own quite well, but not the way I sleep.

    I wish their was a full proof system, but have yet to find it.
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    Trainman you need an easily activated air horn. That would get her attention. She sleeps???

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    A nurse who sleeps on duty should be replaced. That is unacceptable and unprofessional. Complain to the agency if you use one, and if not, find a replacement and fire the first one.

    An environmental control unit that would allow you to both use the phone in an emergency regardless of your upper extremity function would be the first priority. Your emergency could be a fire or other disaster as well as a medical emergency. In addition, most ECUs would also allow you to control the bed so you could raise your head (as well as call for help) if you were to get AD. Other ECU functions can include running a radio or TV, a fan or electrical drapes, or even unlock the front door to allow an attendant or emergency personnel to get in without breaking down the door.


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    I have one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up" buttons. I can't press it with my fingers but I can't put it in my mouth and press it with my teeth. The state pays for the service. It's really saved my butt a couple of times when I've fallen over sideways or forward in my chair and wasn't able to get myself back up. You can set up custom phone numbers for it to call.
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    The agency knows about the problem and is supposedly looking for a replacement. However, they claim they can't find anyone in my area, town's population is about 12,000.
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    ECU would be nice, but expensive.

    I have a live-in caregiver, but I still sleep w/my cell so that I can call her. I don't know how I would manage alone. Just last night I woke up at 4 am dying of heat and wondered to myself what I would have done sans live-in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trainman
    The agency knows about the problem and is supposedly looking for a replacement. However, they claim they can't find anyone in my area, town's population is about 12,000.
    Hi Trainman,

    Attach this Dogtra YS 500 Bark Collar around her neck or better yet around her lazy butt and set it to "high" or "electric chair mode". Whenever you need her assistance and she's asleep, press the remote button (or have it tweaked for "sip and puff" or whatever) and she'll wake up right quick and come a'runnin!

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