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Thread: Working Full Time with Pain?

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    I felt the same way. In the long run I had to ask myself which was best for myself and my employer. And it wasn't fair to have other employees take up the slack. They were all just super about it...but I felt darn guilty. And taking all those meds were just making me sicker and sicker. Anyway, I think Skippy just meant that you are so worn out and down that all you really can do is to come home and collapse in a heap....been there and did that for 3 years straight. However, there is life after working and I am GLAD I retired. Sure, I can't do what I used to do but at the very least, if I don't feel well or it is a bad day...I can lay down. Right now I am in aqua therapy and as much as I have to go, there is no way I could have kept up with it while working. So, I don't regret my decision but at the same time understand that people do HAVE to continue working. But if it were me, I would see about accomodations in the workplace. There are or should be many options available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielgr
    I don't know what to think about Skippy's comment "there is no life outside of work". If that comment is true for Skippy, then maybe doing it his way is kay, but I believe there should be life outside of work. I have been working the past 10 years that way and I'm not really happy now.
    Skippy don't get me wrong, I'm not judging you in anyway.
    I said there was no life outside of work. That comment only applies to my experience. I was so exhausted just trying to keep up with the everyday demands and living with such pain that I put aside everything but work. That was the only way I could survive having to work a minimum 50+ hour week that was required by my employer. I had nothing left to spare to any thing else. It isnt right, and it isnt the way it should be, but for me it was what it was.

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    Part Time was on option

    I was doing somewhat OK with part time work (4/hr day) from home with just 2400mg of Neurontin but there was still some pain so that I had to lie down once or twice during that 4 hours. Usually split the day to 2 hours, lie down for 2 hours, then the remainder of 2 hours. I still wanted more alleviation of the pain so I was sent to a pain clinic where they gave me Lamictal which you ramp up on over about 6 weeks. I am about 3/4 the way through the ramp up and the burning pain is so bad I just can't sit at my desk for much time at all. At this rate, going to full time or going in to work part time is looking pretty unlikely. I am wondering whether it's the new drug that is making this so bad now or just that the pain continues to increase normally after the injury.

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    Unfortunately, for some people pain can increase as time goes by. Each person is unique in their experience. This is not helpful in that it makes you the person who has to research and take care of you. But this site can give you a lot of ideas to try that may or may not work for you and you can then bring to your doctor. But at least you can get some varied ideas to try and maybe youll get lucky enough to find something that will work for you. I do know about the burning fire dripping pain. I dont know about the new drug you are trying so cant offer anything there. Sorry

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    i have been working 21 years in pain, the past 12 fulltime, as well as raising a kid alone (he's 15 now). i don't recommend it. the past couple of years my pain has been on the rise and my manager allowed me some telecommuting. that got pulled in january and i've had to go on medical leave. now they don't understand why i can't work like i used to.

    i'll tell you how i did it. i was exhausted, irritable, gritted my teeth, stayed in bed on weekends, took sick days on really bad pain days (or vac days or no pay). i cheated my kid out of my time and gave it to them.

    and no pain meds work for me. but a nice drink at the end of the day takes the edge off.

    all i can say is, if you're doing ok financially working part time, i'd stick with it. the company isn't going to thank you or even understand if you put yrs in working fulltime in pain.

    trust me. we work for the same company. in fact, looks like you live about 20 minutes from me. my brother was a manager in your field, same company, back when it was BCS.

    btw, if you are a member of SPEEA, check into the disability retirement benefit on Total Access. you don't qualify until age 50, but it's something to keep in mind. unless the union gives it up in the forthcoming negotiations, which i doubt.

    btw, i'd also like to point out if you look up our company's BPI on virtual work, you will see it specifically states this will not be used as a "reasonable accommodation." yet a recent seattle times article touted our company's wanting to retain older workers and their exp. utilizing telecommuting, citing an HR guy. HA.
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