......i've been such a scatterbrain lately. I'm not sure why and
i feel terrible posting this a day late. However, I still think it's worth
letting my raver know it =)

Happy Mothers Day
to the greatest example of a mother I could have ever been blessed with.
I enjoyed our day of watching movies and bein a bum all day =).
There are no words at all to describe how greatful I am to you Mom
for being everything in the world to me. You've truly been a mother,
father, and best friend to me in all the roads I've taken in my life. I
am thankful beyond any words for having been blessed with you.

Aunque te ha faltado y se q ha sido yo la causa de mucho dolor para ti,
te amo con todo mi corazon, mi alma, y mi mente. Mi madre =)
Solamente, pido q me perdones por mis estupideses q se q sigo haciendo.

*Ella me hizo tan feliz
Por ella conoci
Como es el paradiso*

Your Son,
Nick =)