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Thread: Redman chair

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    Redman chair

    Has anyone heard the Redman chair before? It looks interesting and they say they can accommodate vents. Just wondering if anyone has any experience. As of this August, I'll have been on a chair hunt for two years.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.

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    The Redman looked very interesting to me, too. I thought that being in a standing chair would make it a lot easier for my wife to do more standing than using a frame. However, several people commented to me that Redman has reliability and service problems; they recommended Permobil.
    Nevertheless, if we ever go for a standing chair, I will still consider Redman.
    I don't recall whether you've been using a standing frame - if you haven't for a long time, going for a standing chair might not be a good idea without a bone density assessment and a lengthy acclimatization to being vertical.
    - Richard

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    I just heard somewhere that these are sold directly from manufacturer and local DMEs don't want to work on them.

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    These are sold directly from manufacturer...I looked into them at one time also....I draged my feet and they dropped the price by almost half after 6 months....but you have to fix them yourself with parts they supply....which you know is gonna be a pain in the ass....ins company bought me a Invacare electric chair with I could get off my ass some without using my arms all the time....I tried the standing manual chair...from the...The standing company....but the supports by the knees left marks after standing and did get a blister on one knee so I gave it back within 7 days to get my money back. Hard to get them to let you try anything out before you buy it. Before I bought it I asked what the return policy was...7 days...they had a demo I tried out first...but u need a few days alone with it to really know what you got..And does get old with all the crap you need to put on it to be able to stand....I know one person that has a permobile with the stand up thing on it...he doesn't use it because it takes so much time to get it ready...and he got a sore by his knee also from standing so he gave it up..So now its just a electric chair with tilt.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf
    I don't recall whether you've been using a standing frame - if you haven't for a long time, going for a standing chair might not be a good idea without a bone density assessment and a lengthy acclimatization to being vertical.
    This is a huge concern as well. I haven't been in a standing frame since about 6th grade, '94. This past January I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and was put on Fosomax. From reading here though, that doesn't help much.

    I agree that I'd have to get used to standing again and it may not be a good idea, but I'm just investigating yet.
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    Reliability & service problems, direct sale only, extreme difficulty in finding local places to repair...

    The parts tend to be weaker materials. For instance, the actuators have plastic shells, which will break easier under the torque.

    To get them to actually work on it, you have to pay for shipping both there and back (Arizona).

    I also found that standing in the chair did not really relieve pressure on my ishiels, but seemed to increase it.

    Just my comments -- take with a grain of salt.
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.

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    My father does a lot of maintenance, that's how I'm using a 12 year old chair, but it doesn't sound good. I'm emailing a rep, I asked him about repairs, but he delayed the answer until we talk. AKA, he doesn't want to tell me until he has me further in.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.

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    Keep on investigating! IF you are in a big city where they visit on a regular basis, you MAY be ok. I tried one of their chairs IN MY HOME. They will do this for you. Ask for references in your area or town. All the above responses are correct. They will not be serviced by any DME only themselves or yourself. The chair is comfortable, responsive, and relatively compact (for a stander). I was pushed tward a permobile c500 stander by my OT from Craig hospital just due to the fact that they can be serviced by DME's. Good Luck, BE CAREFUL!!!!
    Dave E. C6-7 Incomp. Quad 9-06


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    Unfortunately, I'm in rural Iowa. My town is about 12,000 in population and anything large is an hour away. I talk with the guy via phone tomorrow, Wednesday, so we'll see what he says.
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    You know, it seems a real shame - the Redman has a lot going for it. If they would improve their quality and service, even though that would increase the price, my impression is that they'd have a fine product.
    - Richard

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