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Thread: Anyone Using Lamictal or Keppra?

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    Anyone Using Lamictal or Keppra?

    I am ramping up on Lamictal 25mg (2 at breakfast, 3 at dinner) while using 800mg of Neurontin 3 times a day. Not doing a thing for my pain. My pain doctor said if the Lamictal doesn't work after getting up to 4 and 4, then he will try ramping me up on Keppra and stopping Lamictal. Anyone out there having success with either of these 2 drugs?

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    I was on Keppra, but it was not for pain. It was used as part of my epilepsy protocol. I did not notice any ill effects of the Keppra.

    Downside? My pain levels neither improved nor deteriorated. My neurologist switched me to Trileptal as part of my epilepsy medication regimen in hopes of better seizure control. Again, no improvement or decline in pain or seizures.

    I had ill effects from Lyrica, but it really helps decrease neuro pain for some people. Others have gone to Topamax and it works for them. I'm hoping to switch to Topamax from gabapentin when I next see my doc given the good things I'm hearing about Topamax.

    I'm still trying to find the magic bullet of pain relief, but no 100% solutions yet. I'm not sure such a thing exists.

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    Tried Keppra. No problems from it, but no help, either.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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