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  • Yes, 1-6 members.

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  • Yes, 6+ members.

    14 14.89%
  • Yes, I want to meet everyone.

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Thread: Meeting CCC Members

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    Meeting CCC Members

    I was wondering how many people here have met other CCC members out and about.
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    I've met dozens...but I don't want to meet everyone LOL.

    Doesn't everybody have a handful they would roll around the block to avoid? I do. That said, I've never had one single unpleasant face-to-face with a CC member.

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    I've met several. I try to meet someone everywhere I go.

    So far almost all of my experiences have been good.

    I voted wrong I've met 6+. I put 1-6. Sorry
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    I have met 4 and all have been good experiences. Wished I was able to travel around to meet a few more of the wonderful people on here.

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    Your timing is very coincidental for asking this Mike.

    I've met one. I'm about to meet another later this month and then, another the first week of June. Yay CC friends!

    There are really good people here and I would not hesitate to meet most others who post here in person.

    Unless the other two I'm about to meet/hang with for a bit have any qualms about it, I'm sure pics will follow impending meet ups.

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    I've met many, thanks to the Rally. All are even greater in person . The most random meeting was in Australia though, when I met Lexi (t-bird) at one of my race competitions and she rode back with us to our competition hotel. That was too cool for school.

    Yasaman, Wheeliegirl, is one of my good friends out here in BC ( she's stunning in person, boys!!) and we knew each other before CC along with Surf Sister, possibly one of the coolest people I've ever known.

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    I've met one and, well, you know the story.
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    I have met 2...had a great time when I got together with them. I would love to get together more often with more CCers!
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    I quickly clicked that I wanted to meet everyone! Well, almost everyone. Wish we could figure out how to have some gathering. I think it would be great.

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    I put 1-6 but as I count it up in my head now, I have met more than 6. And we all had some damn good times.
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