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Thread: Mom, #1 Caregiver of the Year!

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    Mom, #1 Caregiver of the Year!

    I wold like to recognize my wonderful mother for all of the help she has given me since I got hurt. She has been there to help me when I wanted help, not helped me when I didn't want help, and kept me going with constant words of encouragement. I see her sacrifice to care about and for me, although she does this all without feeling any burden. I feel her love ever day and it is today that I want to make sure she knows that I appreciate everything she does for me.

    Mom, I love you! ! You are the best and I have come this far because you have been there nudging me along. Thank you and again, I love you.

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    I'm very sure your Mom will appreciate the heartfelt sentiment you've shared here with us Jmiller ......

    .... and to all the Mom's out there "carers" and otherwise HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !

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    I don't think all women can be good mothers, so i appreciate hearing about the ones that are. My mom is my best friend and I wouldn't change our relationship for anything. Whatever alligned in the universe for our lives to cross was perfect Happy mother's day momma!
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