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Thread: Help with cushions when sitting on two bones

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    Quote Originally Posted by doingtimeonmyass
    I'd like more info on that. Who makes them and how thick are they?
    You can also try getting a piece of foam and cutting holes where your predominate bones are. Then slide the piece below your cushion.

    Of course you'll have to pressure map yourself to tell if its actually doing anything. Contact your DME provider and they should be able to help you with pressure mapping and the foam/gel pad. Usually you go with a 1" thickness.
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    They are your common Akton type gel pad. I have used both types but the cubed type is probably less likely to allow bottoming out. Probably about 3/4 inch thick or less, but different sizes are available, I think. They are heavy so use the smallest size you can get away with. You only really need it under you ischials, so a 16x16 works even if your chair is bigger. Most medical suppliers and lots of online dealers will carry them for about $100-150.

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    Thanks for all the posts. I do pressure relief by mainly side to side every 30 minutes. It really doesn't do much for the pain. How do you all stand the constant pain from the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to sleep? Yes, it makes time in the chair very difficult. I think I am sticking with the Jay 2 and Roho for now due to price. I try and alternate between them both. And, I do try and lie on my stomach when I can. About the only thing that really reduces the pain.

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    Pain medicine.

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    I have much of the same pain and have yet to find any good answers. I have tried different cushions and have settled for the nexus spirit, however, I still have to wear a Duragesic patch and take Lyrica for pain. I too find the need to stretch out in bed, but never seem to get away from the pain unless I am sleeping. My ishials are issues as well. No meat there anymore.

    I noticed you reside in WA. Do you find the pain is any worse on the cold and rainy days?

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    I really suggest getting a custom cushion made for you by Ride Designs at the Aspen Seating Company in Denver.
    I had huge problems with pressure on my ITs too and nothing seemed to work at all.

    They make a cushion that is completely molded to your body, but leaves free space under any danger points so there is no pressure on your ITs at all. The only downside is that you have to go to Denver for a couple days to get it fitted and made, but if you are having problems then it is really worth it.

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    You don't have to go to Colorado to get the custom Ride Design cushion. I live in Michigan and have a cushion coming from there. I visited an experienced seating PT at U of M Wheelchair Seating Clinic. I was pressure mapped, sat in a generic custom Ride Design then was molded for a custom Ride Design. They plop you onto a mold and then ship mold to the Aspen Co. Takes about a month and the cushion is pricy ($1200). But this may be an answer for you - no one cushion is right for everyone.

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    I also have a Ride Cushion ordered for me. Not everybody has to sit on a mold to order one of these. There is another way to measure too. It takes 14 business days to get the cushion after the company recieves the order. When I sat on the trial I couldn't believe the relief I felt. You just can't believe it. After I get mine I'll post and tell you all about it. The web page is Check it out.

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    I was on a cushion similar called an isch dish.
    It was open in the middle & both your ischels were in the open space.
    Problem is it put too much weight on the other bones to support the suspended ischels.
    Also if you didn't land perfect in the cushion your ischels would land on top or rub the sides of the hard supportive material in the cushion.
    Which caused a sore on the side of my ischel.

    What's to keep the same thing happening with the Ride cushion?

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    Mona, I'm sitting on Isch Dish right now and have Ride design coming. If your chair is tight enough, you should hit the sweet spot on the Isch Dish unless you scooch too far forward. I am able to get my hand down there to check that vulnerable parts are on sweet spot.

    If you thought Isch Dish was firm, Ride Design firmer. I believe the Ride Design will be way more breathable due to special materials it is made out of. The PT who molded me said that you should not move around too much on Ride Design cushion. I have a tendency to slide forward and extend my legs while relaxing and I will need to stop that. My Ride Design is molded and because it is so contoured to my butt I think I won't have much problem getting into the contours which were molded to fit me and to stay in place. I did sit on one (not molded to me) for an hour when being fitted and although it was firm it was not uncomfortable.

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