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Thread: Help with cushions when sitting on two bones

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    Help with cushions when sitting on two bones

    I have lost alot of muscle mass from my waist down. I am sitting on the 2 "sit" bones and nothing much else. I have a Jay 2 cushion with extra gel inserts. I have a Roho Quadro Select adjusted to have about 1/2 inch or so between me and the chair seat. Each time after just a short while in the wheelchair on either cushion I feel alot of discomfort in my bottom. Major pins and needles nerve pain increases right around the "sit" bones. I have to take alot of breaks and lie down on my bed for it to subside before getting back on the chair. I am looking for others in my position who just have 2 bones to sit on, have this type of nerve pain in their bottom and legs. What brand and type of cushion did you find most helpful? I am tired of having to lie down all the time or turn to my Oxycodone ER 10mg plus 2 Oxycodone 5mg to alleviate this discomfort/pain. Thank you.
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    What size ROHO? With a 4" you put more distance, so maybe that'd help.

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    Both Jay 2 and Roho Quadtro are 4", high profile, cushions.

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    Well...I have the same issue with my Roho's - they burn my meat-less butt up pretty quickly and I have to wiggle around and be in much burning/nerve pain under my bumm and back of my legs. I experience this less with my Stimulite Countour XS but it eventually creeps up if I don't squirm or lift enough.

    However, and this is a big HOWEVER, the Roho high profile pressure maps the better than any of my other cushions (roho contour, roho low, stimulite contour xs) even while my arse is burning like mad! least in my case, my bumm burning with more intensity and greater duration using ROHO's may not be pressure related, but some other as-of-yet undetermined factor.

    I feel hotter and sweat some with Roho's so perhaps it has to do with Roho cushions tending to sit "hotter" than the Stimmies?

    I have no answer...sorry. Just corroborating your experience with mine.


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    Sounds like you have the Roho cushion properly inflated. The 4" Roho allows your weight to be distributed over a larger surface area, since you can sink into it 2" more than their low profile cushion.
    What do you do for pressure relief? That's still necessary, even with an excellent cushion. Push-ups, forward bends, side-to-side, tilt-in-space? How often?
    - Richard

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    I have the same ROHO cushion and also have a lot of pain in the ass area. I'm constantly fidgeting in my chair. The pain is a lot worse when it is hot so that must play a factor.

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    My DME sells alot of different cxushions & the Roho is TOPS to him.

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    I also have pointy ishial bones and pressure mapped better using an additional gel pad under the roho.

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    (typing this as I lay on my bed on my stomach)

    Welcome to the club...

    I've used both the Jay2 and High Profile Roho. I pressure map slightly better on the Roho but I can't say either cushion is better with reliving the pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff B
    I also have pointy ishial bones and pressure mapped better using an additional gel pad under the roho.
    I'd like more info on that. Who makes them and how thick are they?

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