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Thread: Happy Birthday Lizbv

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    Happy Happy Birthday LIZBV!

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    Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday Lizbv
    Have a great day!

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    Happy Birthday Liz!

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    happy birthday liz !!
    and in the end it's not the years in your life that count it's the life in your years. abraham lincoln

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    Happiest of birthdays!

    Wonder Dog dropped by to say, "Woof!" to Trooper, and to you she says,

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    A late Happy Buttday at ya Big B

    Hope ya had a good one. Listen to the lyrics, thought of ya when I was listening to it a bit ago, got it on cd today. It all about the freckles

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    Happy birthday Liz!

    Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood! Larry in 'Closer', a play by Partick Marber

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    Happy belated Birthday, Liz.
    T-5 incomplete

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    Sorry to be late with this. Still really want to wish a Happy Birthday and hope you had a real nice day. Hope you get to celebrate many of these but in better health and happiness. Wish it for you with all my heart. If you still had been in Tx we could have celebrated it together with Nick. Maybe one day you'll come back to the Sun City.


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