My mother (74) had a UTI last Friday. The Dr. started her on Cipro. She had a fever (101), cloudy urine, no blood. By Monday, she was feeling good, eating fine, drinking, etc. Monday night she began feeling like she was going to vomit, weak, just plain sick. Went back to the Dr Tues. first thing, her blood pressure was low, heart rate was low, they called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She has septic shock. So far the heart and lungs are alright, but the kidneys had shut down. They look like they are coming back, thought. The creatinine is dropping and she is producing urine. The liver might have been also damaged, but not much. They are using less and less vasodiolaters to increase blood pressure. She was also started on Zigriss on Thursday afternoon. I am very afraid but at the same time very hopeful for her recovery.
I just wanted everyone to take UTI's very seriously. I took my mom to her family Dr instead of her Urologist, I don't know that it would have made a difference, but still.. I had no idea that a UTI could lead to something like this. Please pray for us. Thanks.