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Thread: Saratoga Cycle quad grips

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    Saratoga Cycle quad grips

    I have a set of tripin hand grips that can be used with any of the Saratoga cycles. These ones. I paid $175 for them. There are in excellent condition. I will sell them for $90 + shipping.
    QET Limited-Grasp Handgrips - Type 1

    ApplicabilityItem No.MSRP
    Saratoga Cycle
    Colorado Sport
    Spirit 630
    Spirit 660
    Spirit 690
    SAF-12Contact us at saratoga@
    or (800) 467-7967 for prices and other information.

    Recommended for limited hand grasp with good wrist and finger range.

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    I still have these and will drop the price to $75 if anyone needs a set.
    I am coming to SCI step this month and could deliver them to anyone who lives between Toronto and Cincinnati.

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    Thumbs up Saraloga quad tips 4 sale


    Still 4 sale?

    I'll buy the set for $75 + shipping.

    PLEASE, PLEASE Contact me ASAP


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