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Thread: Going for a walk, err drive, ummm roll? motor? lol

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    Going for a walk, err drive, ummm roll? motor? lol

    When you say to someone that you got from one place to another not in a vehicle which term do you use? Ie. "we walked around town" sounds wrong/is wrong but "we drove around town"(if in a powerchair) is also wrong. Wheeled around sounds strange to me... My mom says I 'motored' around....
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    We have the same dilemma, I say that we stroll.
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    C'mon, you know how I roll
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    I say walked, run whatever, life is too short to get excited about little things like that in my opinion, everybodies elses milage will vary of course

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    Words are significant to me. I usually use vague terms like I "went" over there, or I "came" over here or I "was going" down the hall. In rugby context though we often use the term push. Like, "are we going to drive (referring to in the car) down the street or push (no car) there?"

    I still think it's weird when others are referring to me use terms like "roll" or "wheel yourself." Doesn't bother me, but catches me off guard.

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    I always say 'push'

    'Not pushing all the way up town, let's stay here'

    Friends seem to use that or 'wheel' - sometimes they say walk but no-one notices
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    25 years plus I still say "I'm gonna run to the store".
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    I feel weird saying stuff like I went for a walk, but I feel funny about saying words like wheel, roll etc to describe movement.

    I don't feel upset if others use the word walk when talking about me, but I do always notice it.

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    We use the same word as we use for people when they walk around with a baby carriage.

    It is not walking, not rolling, not wheeling and we use it both for a manuell and a electric chair.
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    41 years in a chair and I have never felt the need to change my pre-injury language. I still say "we walked around town" or "I ran to the market."

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