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Thread: SCI on the Brain!

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    SCI on the Brain!

    I went to Home Depot last night with my wife and kids to pick out paint for the house. We got our swatches and went outside. There were all kinds of police vehicles,ambulance, and fire engines at the end of the parking lot. I went up to this teenager and asked what happened. He said a guy on a motorcycle wrapped himself around a light pole in the parking lot. Damn... how fast was this kid going I thought.

    Sooo Naturally, I went to go see what happened and this kid looked bad but he was alive. Immediately I thought he is paralyzed and has an SCI. I left the scene and went home and then it hit me "Everytime, if I hear of someone complain of back pain or shooting pain in there legs I think they have an "SCI" or if I see an accident or someone fall they have an "SCI
    " It is like I have SCI on the brain. Does anyone else think about SCI when something bad happens?

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    I do. I think it is impossible not to think of this when we had such life altering moments ourselves. I drive a busy highway almost everyday, and there are always accidents. When I see them loading someone into an ambulance I always think SCI.

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    I think about it too. My girls and friend's boys all race dirt bikes. I was okay with it last year but this year it is not going so well. We all have gotten cervical braces for our kids (while the intial cost is expensive it is so worth the protection). During the races, when someone crashes I am constantly thinking "get up". The four wheelers scare me the most.
    I too think it is normal to think that way. Were you able to find out how this kid was?


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    I think of it but it's not the only trauma/problem that comes to mind in connection with a traumatic accident.
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    I dont know how the kid is doing. I hope is alright and does fine. All I could really do is wish him the best.

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    I do, every time I watch sports on TV. Every time I watch stupid people videos, too.

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    I used to think when I was younger that I could do anything and not get hurt now I watch my kids like a hawk!

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    It depends on the accident, but yeah, SCI does come to mind quite quickly. I guess I'm a little selfish, I don't want anybody else to join our exclusive little club.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMAZ
    I used to think when I was younger that I could do anything and not get hurt now I watch my kids like a hawk!
    I think you always feel invincible as a kid.

    When I see an accident I always hope no one has a SCI.
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    Whenever I see an ambulance screaming by with lights flashing and sirens blaring, I can't help but think that someone's life has drastically changed...
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