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Thread: T5 compression fracture questions

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    Question T5 compression fracture questions

    Hello all. This seems like the place to be posting, so here goes. I was recently involved in a snowmobile accident that resulted in a minor C5 and C6 fracture and a pretty decent compression fracture of my T5. (they did xray, CT and MRI tests) This did not leave me with any paralysis. After 4 days in the hospital I was placed in a ‘turtle shell’ and a really poorly fitting C collar for about a month and sent home for R & R. This week I went back for another CT (back) and X ray (neck) on Monday and the Neurologist already has me out of the shell and brace. He said my neck shouldn’t be a problem – assumption is that they were very small fractures – neck actually feels better than before, was going to the chiropractor for muscle tightness. The T5 on the other hand is really very painful right now. I have been ‘trying’ to take rehab very slowly by getting into small activities around the house, but it is difficult for me to just sit still. I was able to see the most recent CT of my spine and the vertebrae seemed to be very compressed. My spine looked straight until that location and then takes a turn to the right after the T5 location.

    Doctors orders were to come back in 2 months for another CT and to review where the pain level is at. It is at that point that he and I will decide if I should have surgery to fix it or the next steps.

    I guess my questions are –

    is this too early to be out of the brace? He was very skeptical about how much the brace was actually helping with a fracture in that location. He also felt that my rib cage would help to support this fracture. All I know is that it is sore now...and wasnt as sore before.

    Should I have had rehab exersices? I am pretty active but should I have some specific types of streching that I should be doing?

    Do I need to prepare for a lifetime of back problems? Right now there isn’t a time where I don’t have pain in my back. I have been cutting back on the pain killers that I have been taking, so couple that with not using those muscles as much in the past month could be part of it, but most of it is a dull bone ache.

    Should I be prepared for surgery in a couple of months? Has anyone here experienced this kind of fracture that resulted in surgery? What were the results? I know this is an injury usually related to snowmobile and motocross style incidents. Is the fix worse than the starting point?

    What other questions should I ask? Please let me know if there is something I am missing. I am both new to this injury and new to this forum.

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone here.


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    Welcome to CC. Sorry to see another member from the great state of Minnesota (land of the endless winter). I don't how much I can help. I had a burst fracture of the T8 vertabrae which did result in paralysis. I wore my turtle shell (torture shell is more like it) for four months. I had my vertabrae removed and a piece of my hip bone was used in its place. I had what are called Harrington Rods placed on either side of my spine from T6-10. I did not (don't remember-really good drugs ) have pain then or now. I had the surgery about 18 months ago. I broke most of my ribs on my left side and some on the right. That is where all my discomfort came from. I wish you the best with your rehab., etc. I would say you know your body-if it hurts too much don't do it. Take care!


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