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Thread: support group in need NJ

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    support group in need NJ

    looking for a group or phone number to anyone that supports sci in newjersey, for information and etc... south jersey area.... resources... anything... thx
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    I totally agree and I also live in south jersey. It would really be nice to get together with other people who understand

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    Help in NJ

    I live in Nothern New Jersey and would be gald to help if I can. My son has a C5 SCI sustained 4 years ago, and I'm pretty immersed in the whole situation. I also know of a few people with SCI and their families in the southern part of the state; maybe I can hook some of you up together. If you want to post something here so others can learn as well, that would be great. If you prefer a private e-mail, that's OK with me.

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    For those in South Jersey--you want to contact Magee Rehab in Philadelphia. There's an SCI support group that meets once or twice a month.

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    In the area, my friend may be returning to the area. Always lookin to make friends!

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