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Thread: Creditors Questions

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    Is this the first you heard of it in 8 years? That sounds strange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue
    Sorry Mem in Tn medical debt isn't spousal responsibility anymore. Neither are student loans even if one borrowed while both went to school (oh yea tell me about it). Also what you came into the marriage owning can not be touched unless it's been refinanced in both names. But that's another thread.
    Hey, that's great C. I always thought it unfair my medical creditors could have gone after my ex had I not paid my medical debt. It did not seem fair he would have owed what I racked up medically simply for the pleasure of having been married to me. (Okay, the evil part of me wanted to make him pay that, but it would not have been right.)

    I'm glad that one is off the books here. It seemed rather archaic, IMO.

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