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Thread: battery charger?

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    battery charger?

    I have a large battery on my chair, however I find that on some days even with a full charge it isn't enough power to get me through the day. I don't have caregivers around to swap out batteries. So I was thinking their must be a portable battery charger. Or a solar battery charger? Something that I could conviently carry with me. Does anyone know of anything?

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    How old is the battery? They can lose longevity with age, especially certain types.
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    You may have undersized batteries.

    You should be using the larger "Group 24" gel cell batteries. I bet if you check, you have group 22 installed. The larger group 24 will last more than a day for even the most active user.

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    the battery is only 3 months old. I don't know the exact size, I will check.

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    Def. something wrong with the charger showing a false charge or defective batteries. I had smaller batteries put in my chair as I had a new tilt system installed like 2 years ago. I can still go atleast 3 days before charging. I went to Six Flags last year and cruised up and down those hills for like 10 hrs and didn't die. I'd request a fresh set. Good luck.

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