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Thread: New Tires for Quickie GT

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    New Tires for Quickie GT

    What tires would you recommend for a 4 yr old Quickie GT?

    The current ones are the original stock (grey) tires that came with the chair, but the treads are gone and need to be replaced. Would it be better to just get new tires, or should I look into new rims as well?

    This chair will probably be replaced within the next year for a custom, ultra lightweight chair. But we'll probably keep this one for a spare, so if new rims will make a lot of difference, I'll probably go there.

    Would like to make this chair lighter for Sarah, if possible.


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    1) No need to replace wheels when tires wear out.
    2) Everyday tires won't affect overall weight much.

    What size is the wheel? Skinny tires, e.g. the Primo V-Trak (assuming 24" rims) will likely be more nimble.

    I have a pair of 24" Spinergy LX wheels for sale if you want to try them out. I've got one person interested in buying them, so this might be up in the air... but let me know.

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