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Thread: my blog!

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    Smile my blog!

    hey all, thought i would share my blog with you guys, and if you have anything to post i would greatly appreciate it. anything to do with your life in a wheel chair.

    reviews, complaints , suggestions , reviews on buildings, bathrooms, dining areas

    Some of you gotta have complaints, I notice crap pretty much anytime i go out!

    anyways stay tuned! will be blogging for a long time!

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    looks good man is that using wordpress? ive heard great things about it.

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    yea it is wordpress, very easy to install and run

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    Cool hi

    please feel free to post your opinions, and reviews of wheel chair related stuff need some support so i can succed might see about paying people per post or somthing if anyone would be intrested, wouldnt be able to pay much tho. thanks all !

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    try using some cool widgets on your side bar. you can put a lot of useful things to get more attention from your visitors
    Another one bites the dust

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    another hottie to CC , welcome Gina.
    oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenf
    another hottie to CC , welcome Gina.
    Saddly i think "she" is a bot....

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    That is a great blog Nice work.
    Riding Proud!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patonb
    Saddly i think "she" is a bot....
    Why would you conclude that?

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    Do you intend to do anything other than complain?
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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