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Thread: Detethering Surgery

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    Detethering Surgery


    My friend N8Dizzle has just left for Florida to have this surgery done. The doctors had initially diagnosed him having a syrinx.

    Through information on this board he was able to find Dr. Green who found that the syrinx was not a concern, the loss of function is related to a pinched nerve. Dr. Green will be performing the detethering surgery. N8 will be recovering for 2-3 weeks.

    He is a C5 inc. and my question is, what can he expect after the surgery?

    Thank you all. Without CareCure, he would have had unnecessary surgery for a syrinx.

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    Recovery from this surgery can be painful if he has sensation where the incision is, and it also depends on how much laminectomy must done to do the untethering, but should be manageable with regular pain medications. The purpose of the surgery is to prevent further deterioration of neurologic function or sensation. It is not as likely (although possible) that he will gain back any loss he has already experienced.

    Glad he is being seen by Dr. Green, who is considered on the leading surgeons in this area.


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    I consistently have been told I don't have a syrinx, just a big hole from C-4 to C-6 (or a bit larger) where my cord used to be, that MRI reports over the past 20 years say has not changed. My pains, however, have, as everyone knows, have consistently worsened since they first appeared. If I had that hole collapsed, as a syrinx would be, could that reduce my pains?? I'm desperate for relief, whatever it takes (no way I could.tolerate traveling to Florida, though.)

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