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Thread: Why I get up at 3AM!

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    Why I get up at 3AM!

    Got in from our local Friday's outdoor music/beer bash and hit the bed at 10. Back up at 3AM...uuggghhhh! Drive 45 miles with friends Patrick and Mike to another friends farm 45 minutes away. We see no less than 25 deer in thefront field as we drive in. Mike heads to the back field and Patrick comes with me as my caller/helper. He bagged his third bird Friday morning before work, so he's tagged out.

    We get set up along a creek bottom, listening to whipporwills and Patrick exchanging hoots with the owls and just basking in the sounds of the creatures waking up. At 5:30 we hear the first gobbler sound off 250 yds off.

    We take off up the hill 150 yds or so and get set up again on a logging road. Patrick goes ahead 50 yds to start calling and then will back up towards me when he gets the gobbler's attention. He's out of site down the ridge so I can't see what's going on around him. Five minutes later, 2 jakes and a hen come in from the left, walk towards the strutter decoy and stop 15 yds in front of me. I'm not sure exactly where Patrick is, and really don't want to shoot a young bird so I let them pass and they walk back off towards Patrick's calling. They had flown down and circled past him 10 feet away.

    We stroll another 500 yds to another field where I've seen birds mid-morning, and Patrick decides to go full tilt on the decoys. He puts out 3 hens and my B-Mobile strutter 20 yds away and we set up at the edge of the woods. It's just after 7:00 and m lack of sleep is taking it's toll. I'm starting to nod, and Patrick already is. I open my eyes, look up and see a gobbler 150 yds off on top of the hill looking straight at the flock of decoys. I whisper to Patrick..."gobbler". He whispers back "oh shit", pulls his face mask up and says "he's ours". He makes a few cuts and it's on.

    100 yds, 75 yds, 50 yds... he stops and breaks into full strut. We can hear him drumming from there. Then he starts into a flat out run to the decoys. He blows up into full strut again right in the mdst of the decoys. When he breaks strut and raises his head, I eased back on the trigger.

    What a morning. Turkey breast for dinner tomorrow night at my ladies house

    ETA: Picture. 20 lbs, 9" beard, 1" spurs, shot at 23 yards.
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    Now that's a bird. Not just good times, but great times.

    Major kewl set up for hunting, R. I'm jealous. It's been a year since I shot anything and then, it was a paper target. Dad loaded the long gun for me and I got my shots off by propping it on the deck railing at the cabin. It was my makeshift version of bench shooting.

    What time is dinner?

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    OOOOOOOOO MAN.That's what is all about.I eat turkey at least twice a week.Glad you had fun.
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    Good going.
    Go Georgia Bulldogs

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    Wow!!!!!!!! Buddy, you got one heckuva bird there. Nice shot...sure helps get the gnarlies out of your noggin, dont it?

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    Attachment 21959Come out to Oregon some time and Ill set you up. These guys and about 25 others live in my backyard. You dont even need to shoot them, all you have to do is bring some stale bread and a net.
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    Just reading your story makes my old ticker pick up a few beats. I can only imagine what it's like having a big bird like that one come right into your decoys.
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    Great picture! That's a mounter for sure.

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    Now you need to get you some camo for that chair. One of my rehab mates got a camo wheelchair for his everyday chair!

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