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Thread: What harm does drinking tea all day cause?

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    What harm does drinking tea all day cause?

    I am hook on ice tea. I like it strong and sweet. I can't drink soft drinks or any thing else. I'm hooked. It's the only thing that quinchs my thirst. I do drink water but I have a glass of tea beside me all day. Does it cause uti's?
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    Tea is fine it's the sugar and caffiene that's bad.
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    Agree, if you like it sweet, that is a lot of sugar. The other thing to consider, is sipping tea all day isn;t good for your teeth either, can stain them and lead to decay if it is sweetened.

    I like it as well, but have noticed I am much more likely to have an accident if I am drinking sweetened tea.

    If you are having problems with utis, I would certainly consider trying to cut back and see if it helps.
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    Uti's are caused by the death of good bacteria.
    By antibiotics mainly.
    Eat yogurt with live acidolphilus culture. (see back not in all)
    Also buy acidolphilus pills. That's what I do.
    Store in fridge.

    Sugar any type lowers your immune system.

    Sorry about your uti's. I hope they stop.


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    You Southerns and your sweet tea!!! Yuck! I always have to ask for unsweetened when I am in the South or they just give you sweet tea automatically. I drank the sweet tea too in Mississippi in the summer at my grandmother's, but when I grew up I grew out of the sugar and can't stand it now.

    I agree. Tea is OK, but for your heart and bladder health decaffinated is best. Caffeine can definitely increase bladder spasm and leakage. Have you tried green tea iced? It is very good, and much better for you. Avoid using sugar though (esp. if you are at all over weight or have a family history of diabetes), and of course a lot of artificial sweeteners are risky as well. Diets high in sugar appear to put you at much greater risks of UTI after a SCI.


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    I like iced green tea! I drink it all day long. Along with water here and there. I guess it contain a lot lesser caffeine.

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    Tea, especially green and white tea, is filled with all sorts of healthy antioxidants. Even black tea has some antioxidants, although less than the other two. The sugar is the unhealthy part of the combo. Maybe you could try Splenda or some other sweetner.

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    I agree with trying the Splenda - works for us and we can't hardly drink 'regular' sweet tea anymore! We've actually noticed that if Matt's urine is getting a little cloudy, loading up on tea for a day or two seems to clear it out. Urologist hasn't a clue, said maybe the tannins in the tea have something to do with it.

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    Yep, we love our sweet tea. I like green tea but I buy the large family tea bags and can't find the green tea in a large quantity. I sometimes make half green and half regular tea mixed together.
    Guess I will go back to decaf.
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    Splenda works great for sweetening tea. I especially love green tea, but right now can't have any because of the blood thinner I'm on. So, I recently got some Snapple orange flavored herbal tea bags and have been making that iced, and its really good. Even though it doesn't have any caffeine in it, it does seem to keep you awake easily (excellent if you have to work double shifts at a nursing home).
    Another tea that's good iced is that Lipton Pyramid Teas that have the dried fruit pieces mixed with the tea.


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