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Thread: CareCure Membership Profile: Who are our members?

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    Possible reason - I am new and one of these

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    It is amazing to me the number of people here who don't know their own level of injury or ASIA category. It is nice if they include this in their profile, but I don't see how we could require it.

    Most of the spammers put nothing in their profile, or only put age. I think it would be worth making more of the profile mandatory to see if that would slow down some of the spammers. I have noticed lately that some of them are posting with multiple registrations on the same day as well.

    Perhaps the reason that so many have not included detailed information on their diagnosis is that they re still trying to get one. I am a well educated person and fortunate to have medical insurance that allows me access to whatever physician I choose - but that doesnt mean I can get a physician to make a diagnosis and I am frustrated beyond reason. I have been ill for 1 year with the peripheral neuropathy symptoms for 7 months and I have not been able to get a diagnosis of what I have so I worsen daily. I get told what I dont have and the focus has been MS or Parkinson (which have now been ruled out - took 7 months).

    This Website is linked to John Hopkins for TM symptoms. Probably a lot of other symptoms as well?. So for those of us searching and trying to get answers.... this forum is a godsend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    From 2001 to now (All), we have had 17523 registered members (excluding spammers). 7031 (40%) indicated that they are spinal-injured. 1217 (7%) indicated that they are caregivers, 711 (4%) said that they have a loved one that has spinal injury, 42 (<1%) said that they are professionals, and 469 (3%) said that they have some other condition. These includes ALS, MS, TM, and others.
    Is the missing 45% from above due to the fact that insufficient info. was filled out in their profile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jazzyjeff
    Is the missing 45% from above due to the fact that insufficient info. was filled out in their profile?
    Jeff, the "missing 45%" are those people who answer no to the question of "do you have spinal cord injury" and do not give any other hint as to their status.


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    Wise, thanks for the clarification on the stats. Math was just never my thing (I'm lucky when my checkbook balances!). This is such an amazing community, and I feel fortunate to have found it, and grateful that you set it all up for us.

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    Here is some updated statistics on our membership. Excluding spammers and other banned individuals, we now have slight 18,042 members. About 46% (8327) answered "no" or equivalent to the question, "Do you have spinal cord injury". About 40% (7217) answered "yes" or equivalent to the question, excluding those who said yes but then indicated that they had some other condition such as MS or syringomyelia. About 3% (491) had some other condition, ranging from MS, ALS, and TM to back pain.

    The CareCure site has been up 2519 days since July 28, 2001. During this time, about 7.2 people registered per day of which 2.9 people are spinal-injured. These numbers are rising. Between 2001-2006, only 4.9 people registered per day. In 2007, 3269 people registered for an average of 9 new members per day and 3.7 of them were spinal-injured. In 2008, the number is increasing to 11.3 new members per day of which 4.4 are spinal-injured.

    We have a total of 1230 people who answered yes to the question, "Are you a caregiver?" or equivalent answer. A vast majority of them (1116) joined between 2001-2006. In 2007, only 60 joined us. But in 2008, so far, 54 have joined us and we are not yet reached the halfway point for the year.

    About 734 people have signed up indicating that they have a close friend, relative, or loved one who is spinal-injured. These people did not indicate that they are caregivers. In 2007, 206 such people joined us. IN 2008, we have had fewer such people or at least they are not saying what their relationship is to a spinal-injured person.

    Relatively few people have indicated that they are professionals. In total, only 43 people have said that they are doctors or health professionals. Only 9 joined in 2007 and so far 6 have joined this year. We don't have a category for researchers and only a few people who have signed up have indicated that they do spinal cord injury research.

    Finally, we banned 1190 spammers in 2006, 2916 spammers in 2007, and 1216 during the first half of 2008. They continue to bug us, registering at the rate of 8 per day in 2007 and about 7 per day in 2008 so far. Before 2006, we barely had any spammers.

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