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Thread: Burning with SP catheter

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    Hi, I have had my SP CATH for about week know. I having buring in my uretha or in my vagina but I know I AM IN ALL TIME! Is this normal for when you first get it?


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    You question is not very clear, but I think you are asking if it is normal to have urethral or vaginal burning after insertion of a SP catheter? It is not common unless you have a UTI. Do you have other symptoms of a UTI (fever, chills, etc.)?


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    Is This SP Cath Forum?

    I have MS and want to talk to anyone else with MS who has a SP catheter
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    I have a SP catheter and every now and then I have a slight burning feeling. My Urologist tells me that my body isn't used to having a tube sticking out of it so there will be slight burning and discomfort but what it does for me outweighs anything else
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