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    We have been using red Rubber catheters for intermittent catherization of my paraplegic wife for some time now. Primarily due to being able to sterilize them and reuse them. However with the new Medicare benefit of 200 catheters a month, we are thinking about the possibility of changing to another type of catheter. Does anyone have any thoughts on what type of catheter might be better?

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    You might try and see if they will cover a hydrophillic catheter, because they cause less trauma and scaring when you cath frequently. I read somewhere that they will cover the popular hydrophillic ones made by Hollister, Rochester and Mentor. I wound up getting a bad allergy to latex because of using the red rubber catheters and latex gloves when I started cathing in 2001, so I use the LoFric hydrophillic catheters and I keep a box of reuseable silicone catheters as a backup.

    If they won't cover them, I found that Rochester makes good non-latex catheters that are easy to use.

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    We use the Rochester Personal, which is a very soft silicone. You can also try the stiffer PVC catheters, but it is easier to do damage with these. You can get either with or without a hydrophilic (lubricious) coating.

    We strongly recommend avoiding latex because of the high risk of eventually developing a latex sensitivity or allergy.


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    Check with Steve at this site, he will know what is covered.
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