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Thread: High school gym class

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutsLucy
    Darkeyed Daisy,

    Get off the soapbox sister. Implying that he isn't disabled enough is just bull. He's a kid for god's sake. And the hardware is in there for life.

    And don't even go there and say I'm making him dependent on me.

    I do nothing for him beyond stretch his feet/ankles out. He does EVERYTHING else on his own, from his bowel program to medicine. I make him gather his laundry and help prepare dinner. He's known how to wash clothes and do dishes since he was 7 and he continues to do chores around the house.

    I'm not making excuses for him at school, I've just learned in the past year that there are certain battles worth fighting and others that you should walk away from and in my book PE class is not high on the priority list. The kid does a 60-90 minute exercise program every night that is geared to his abilities and to even think for a second that having him hang in the gym shooting baskets for 30 minutes a day is a good/productive use of his time is nutty. Opening up that fourth period class to advanced biology so that he can one day get into med school is a good use of his time.
    Soapbox HELL... I said nothing about him not being disabled enough. You are acting like $56,000 dollars worth of hardware is something no one else here has or has dealt with.

    Suit yourself... most normal kids wheelchair or not enjoy hanging with each other shooting baskets and not just in gym class. But go ahead exclude him.... teach him to whine and get out of everything that you dont consider a priority. You are teaching him to use his disability as an excuse to not have to do what you or he doesnt consider important. Required PE is a state law for a reason because kids need to exercise.

    PE is also a requirement for college as well. Are you gonna try to have him exempted there too?

    If you are looking to get sympathy, you need to go somewhere else besides here.
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    Forgive me for thinking that education should be the primary focus of public school.

    Plain and simple, core classes should be the priority. I'm not asking for an exemption from PE, just the flexibility to get the best possible education he can get.

    I didn't ask for sympathy from you or anyone else.
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    Peanuts dont let them put him in special ed...................

    He needs a EGO..
    He have one?

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    Does he have to take PE every year or just have a certain number of credits before he graduates? Is it possible to leave it out next year until he is more settled and take it later?
    I don't really know much about IEPs but if they require him to take the PE maybe you could ask for some education about SCI for the teacher. I think him taking regular PE would be good for him but the attitude of the teacher has a huge impact on that.

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    I made some calls today and got some answers.

    He has to take two semesters of PE before he graduates and according to the state it doesn't matter when he takes them.

    So the plan for now is to defer the classes until his junior year and leave him an open period at the end of the day next year to allow him time to continue to focus on recovery. He's doing an intensive physical therapy program because he has been really fortunate and has continued to see slow but steady funtional improvement and I really believe that his intensive exercise plan has played a big part in it.

    When he does take PE, he will be in the regular class and the gym teacher will be brought into the IEP meeting next year.

    Thanks for all the input and perspective. I've been getting such mixed messages from the school that my head was spinning.
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    Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
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    That is good, since it gives you another year to get everything figured out as far as the iep and all too.
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    Gym class issue

    When he does take PE, he will be in the regular class and the gym teacher will be brought into the IEP meeting next year.

    To PeanutsLucy...
    I'm so glad you called the school to clarify the situation regarding your son's gym requirement. I have to tell you I was troubled by this situation: I am a wheeler and was a participant in the civil rights movement of the disabled back in the early 1970's regarding passage and implementation of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, in addition to other activities to promote equal rights. One major issue was Inclusion in the educational setting. When I saw that you felt your son should be exempt from the required gym class, and that the school was requiring it, I said wow, the tables have turned - here's a mom doing what the schools used to do - the schools would say 'you CAN'T take gym class because you're disabled', while the moms were pushing to get them into those classes!
    Another note....back when I was paralyzed as a child in 1949, you could not go to the "handicapped school" (the only option then), unless you could walk onto the school bus. My mom worked desperately with me over the summers to walk on full length leg braces, back brace and crutches, so that I could drag my butt up the stairs of the school bus. They did not take wheelchairs on the bus. When I got to school 2 hours later there was an old fashioned wooden wheelchair waiting for me - I hated it. I did have mostly terrific teachers and went on to obtain 2 M.A. degrees, as well as participate as an adult in wheelchair basketball and roadracing.
    My high school was the best in the city - that's where all the city's handicapped students were sent, even though I fought to go to my local high school. In high school I was totally excluded from PE. I was also excluded from all extracurricular activities as I had to catch the school bus immediately after last class.
    Things have gotten so much better for kids and continual improvement is important. I am hoping your son will fully participate in all aspects of high school life and go on to become a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief.

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    Hi Triumph,

    Thanks for the post, and the perspective. He will take regular gym in his junior year and that will give us time for rehab. My big thing was getting him more time to focus on recovery and physical therapy. I just feel like if we didn't do absolutely everything possible to foster as much recovery as possible in the first 24 months, I would be kicking myself down the road. He's doing an intensive PT program and that takes a serious chunk of time each day. Right now the difference between functional ambulation and his wheelchair is on the line and with him only 15 I just feel like we need to keep pressing forward.

    Give yourself and your mom a big old pat on the back and hug from me and my family because the fight you waged back when you were in school has yielded tremendous results for disabled kids today and we can't thank you enough. Your story is inspiring and I will pass it along to my son tonight.

    Also, thanks for the good wishes for my son too. He is participating in school activities and playing in a wheelchair basketball league (which he loves!).

    Take care.
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
    Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
    -- Lucy VanPelt

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