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Darkeyed Daisy,

Get off the soapbox sister. Implying that he isn't disabled enough is just bull. He's a kid for god's sake. And the hardware is in there for life.

And don't even go there and say I'm making him dependent on me.

I do nothing for him beyond stretch his feet/ankles out. He does EVERYTHING else on his own, from his bowel program to medicine. I make him gather his laundry and help prepare dinner. He's known how to wash clothes and do dishes since he was 7 and he continues to do chores around the house.

I'm not making excuses for him at school, I've just learned in the past year that there are certain battles worth fighting and others that you should walk away from and in my book PE class is not high on the priority list. The kid does a 60-90 minute exercise program every night that is geared to his abilities and to even think for a second that having him hang in the gym shooting baskets for 30 minutes a day is a good/productive use of his time is nutty. Opening up that fourth period class to advanced biology so that he can one day get into med school is a good use of his time.
Soapbox HELL... I said nothing about him not being disabled enough. You are acting like $56,000 dollars worth of hardware is something no one else here has or has dealt with.

Suit yourself... most normal kids wheelchair or not enjoy hanging with each other shooting baskets and not just in gym class. But go ahead exclude him.... teach him to whine and get out of everything that you dont consider a priority. You are teaching him to use his disability as an excuse to not have to do what you or he doesnt consider important. Required PE is a state law for a reason because kids need to exercise.

PE is also a requirement for college as well. Are you gonna try to have him exempted there too?

If you are looking to get sympathy, you need to go somewhere else besides here.