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Thread: another ssdi ?

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    another ssdi ?

    Ok this is tricky. If I call social security they just sit there a while and then say they don't know, transfer me.
    I live where I work. It is a housing community. There is a manager apartment here. I am not the manager but since the mgr doesn't want to live here I can. As a benefit the company gives me a rather nice rent discount. Here's the catch.
    They put the rent discount in my pay, take taxes from it and then subtract it again. On my W2 it shows up as a fringe benefit. However since they take the taxes from it it shows up in my income. Does this count toward my AGI or not? Where do fringe benefits go in relation to ssdi?
    Does this make sense to anyone?

    I should have put this in work/money but it's too late now.
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    Does it show up in box 7 of the W2? I would think that this is the earned income box. But not sure...

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    Look here. Look at letter D. Maybe this applies to your rent discount.

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    It shows up in box 14 "Other" Taxfringe is what it says.
    Looks like D might work but I'm not sure.
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    I wouldnt think so because AGI is earned income not any other kind of income.

    You are not actually working to earn that reduced rent are you? It is just a benefit.

    Wouldnt insurance be kind of the same kind of benefit but they dont count that in AGI.

    I wouldnt think that would count in your AGI but it is the government you are dealing with LOL
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    i just checked my last tax return agi is not really income you actually worked for.
    my disabilty oaymnets make up my earned income and my interest from banks is part of the agi, i worked for non of this.
    got a letter from ssdi last asking about my w2 showing me making money well over the sga. This money was disability benefits due to union contract. i didnt work to get it , so i was ok.
    i sent them back that info and it was all approved.
    i think you have to actually work for the money to have it count against your ssdi. i know i am going to have this problem again thsi year since i retired and received a incentive, however the incentives is all taxable as straight income, but i did not work to get it . so i am ok.
    i guess it would depend on how the rental apartment is given to you, if it is in place of pay for work you are performing you need a good answer, brain talk forums has a decent ssdi forum if you cant get a good answer here.
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    It is given to me for being an employee. I do not work extra for it besides the fact that I can never leave work. If I move out the maintenace man can live here if he wants. Anyone as long as you are an employee, but the apt manager gets first shot at it. The thing that is worrying me is that I have to pay taxes on the amount as if it is income they pay. If I move out it goes away but I can't afford to move out just yet (soon though soon....)
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    I don't think that it counts. It is not earned income. Earned income is what counts. Like the thread on rental income counting. You pay tax on it, but it is not earned by work that you do.

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    Box 14 is normally for pre-tax benefits so you do not get to use them as a credit nor are they added to earnings EXCEPT under Medicare wages. Like a few years back the federal government decided to subtract the portion of health insurance employees pay before they subtracted federal, state, local, SSA but not Medicare witholding. During the year this means more take home pay but come end of year we can no longer subtract our portion under healthcare expenses on the Schedule A itemized deductions. I think health insurance is code V.

    I'd head to your nearest IRS office or website and ask for or order the pamplet for box 14 pretax benefits. Ithink you're getting hiit twice also by your employer. Do you prepare your own taxes, use TurboTax or a preparer?
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    I prepared my own this past year but I did not move in until October. My income was so low it didn't matter last year.

    This is a fairly large company and they do this at each location.
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