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Thread: allowing windows service to access share on remote computer

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    allowing windows service to access share on remote computer

    I have a windows service running that needs to be able to access files on another computer on my network.

    I went to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and pulled up the properties for the service. I then went to the "log On" tab, selected "the log on as this account:" and entered davep/xxxxxx for the username and password. Those credentials are valid for the machine running the service and can access the share containing the files it needs to access.

    I stopped and restarted the service and then tried again no avail.

    When I went back to the service's properties (from the control panel) and clicked the "log On" tab, it changed my username from "davep" to "./davep". Not sure if that means anything or not but I figured it was worth mentioning.

    Is the ./ forcing the username to be particular to the machine on which the service is running (i.e. COMPUTER1/davep)? if so, is there a way to specify that I want it to refer to a user from the computer on which the share resides (COMPUTER3/davep)?

    Is there a way to confirm that a service is in fact running under the username specified? Any way to track refused connections to a share on the remote computer?

    Any other ideas?

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    Have you logged in as davep on your local machine to verify you have access to the remote share? (I assume so from the first paragraph, but just checking)

    also, I have no idea what ./ would indicate, but check that it should instead be .\ (backslash instead).

    Either way, the account name and password need to be the same on both machines since you are using passthrough authentication (other option is having an AD server or using a SAMBA server set up for domain emulation).

    Your best bet for troubleshooting is for checking for entries on both computers' event log.

    start - run - eventlog

    Good luck.
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