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Thread: DPLA - Natural Pain Killing Power

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    Gave the DLPA a try over a month ago. Night and Day Difference for me. I'm taking 1,500-2,000mg/day.

    Butt burns a bit today...that's only because I failed to take pills at night the last couple days. However, it's still much better than it has been.

    Pain prior to taking DLPA was as high as 8 or 9. Now the highest I've had it I would say is 5.
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    I am ready to give this a try. Does anyone know if you can take it together with Lyrica? And is 1000 mg a day a good start? Better 1000 mg once a day or 500 mg twice a day? - Any other experiences with this drug so far?

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    Cool I think I'll do some reading and take it.

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    Thanks for another great post, Cljanney. I'll have to talk to my docs about this, the VA is weird about anything they don't carry in their own pharmacy. Won't even let me take melatonin while inpatient, go figure. Would hate to get results with this, then be denied its use also.

    Keep us posted on your results everyone. Please. Thanks.

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    I've gone on a two day break from the DPLA to see if I noticed any difference. Pain is back by about 30-50% worse. I'm going to stay off it for the next few days to make sure it isn't anything to do with weather pattern changes (barometric changes seem to severely effect pain levels).

    I'll report on it again in a couple of weeks, after I've started up on it again.


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    Thanks for letting us know, Christopher, and thanks for volunteering to be the "guinea pig" (yet again). Looking forward to your report, hoping for positive results, understanding that that will require your pain level increase for a certain period of time. Dig in, all the best.
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    I've tried to cut back and the pain just returns. No less than 1500mg/day for me.
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    My wife lives with level 8 daily. C1-incomplete. She has pins and needles with burning sensation from her waist to her toes. Going to doctor tomorrow and will ask her opinion on DPLA.

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    Did the fatigue continue? Any other side effects noted or reported in literature?

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    I don't see why this would have conflict with any medications because it's a natural occurring amino acid.

    Fatigue is gone.
    Phenylalanine and Pain

    Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid found in milk and meat (Mahan LK et al 1996). It was first tested to treat pain in a 1978 study. Researchers discovered that injecting phenylalanine intraperitoneally (into the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen) blocked pain in 70 percent of mice subjected to painful stimuli. The pain-blocking action actually grew stronger with time (Ehrenpreis S 1978). Scientists later tested the pain-blocking capacity of phenylalanine on 10 patients who had chronic pain that did not respond to treatment. All patients found pain relief with this simple amino acid (Ehrenpreis S 1978). There were no harmful side effects, and no one became addicted (Ehrenpreis S 1978).

    Phenylalanine does not work as rapidly as aspirin and other pain medications (Balagot RC et al. 1983). This is because phenylalanine helps relieve pain by increasing the body's supply of endorphins rather than by attacking pain directly (Kitade T et al 1990; Russell AL et al 2000). In animals, DL-phenylalanine has been shown to block the activity of carboxypeptidase, an enzyme that degrades enkephalins, endogenous morphine-like substances. DL-phenylalanine administered orally before acupuncture prolonged the pain relief induced by acupuncture. In 56 patients, tooth extraction was performed while the patients were under acupuncture anesthesia. In addition to the acupuncture, 18 of the 56 patients also received 4 grams of DL-phenylalanine orally 30 minutes before the extractions. The pain-relieving capacity was excellent in eight of the patients, good in six of them, fair in three, and poor in one. The patients who had excellent and good pain relief were compared to 38 patients who received a placebo. The effect in the patients who received DL-phenylalanine in addition to acupuncture was significantly increased (P ‹.01) by 35 percent (Kitade T et al 1990).

    Some people cannot use phenylalanine. These include those who have a genetic deficiency called phenylketonuria (which prevents the body from metabolizing phenylalanine), people who have high blood pressure (phenylalanine can further elevate blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure), and those who have cancer (phenylalanine can promote the division of cancer cells) (Guyton AC et al 2001; Mahan LK et al 1996).

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