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Thread: Is this posting for a live-in going to scare people off?

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    Question Is this posting for a live-in going to scare people off?

    I put this ad on Craigslist. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    Engineer with quadriplegia needing a live-in assistant/aid. Great opportunity for hands on learning plus free room and board. Live in a spacious 3 bedroom/2 bath Condo with view of the ocean. Person will have his/her own room and bath rent-free and all utilities plus basic groceries paid. Main assistance would be required during morning and night. I also, speak Spanish. Merritt Island is next to Cocoa Beach, 2 1/2 hours from Miami. Very nice and calm area.

    Job Description:
    Direct Assistance getting in and out of bed.
    Direct assist with shower
    Dressing and undressing
    Basic hygiene
    Food preparation
    Occasional help with other activities of daily living
    Driving to special appointments, shopping, etc.
    During work week, would have free hours between ~9:00AM~6PM and 7PM-9:30PM and during Weekends ~10:00AM~9:30PM free. With nigh hours flexible.

    Job Requirements:
    Good predisposition to help others
    Everything necessary to know in terms of assistance/care would be learned on-the-job within a few days
    Must pass background check
    Preferred (not necessary) requirements:
    Prior experience
    Good roommate

    Job Compensation:
    Rent/utilities/food free room and board
    $800 Monthly

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    Looks good, but I would spell out what you mean by "basic hygiene" if this means help with bowel or bladder management. I also assume you will use this person to clean for you, or do you already have someone who does that?

    Also, we always put reliability at the top of our list of requirements. You should list a valid driver's license to the requirements. Do you care if they are legal or not (immigration status)? If so, list "US citizen or valid green card". Will they have the use of your car during the time you are at work? If not, you may want to include that they are responsible for their own transportation when not driving you.


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    If free room/board does not include telephone use, you may want to state that too...otherwise you might rack up big phone bills long distance...just a thought...You might could just add..."local telephone usage only, not long distance."

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    It seems like a good ad to me, although personally I would have to have a non-smoker as I hate the smell. Not sure why you need the person to be female either?

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    I did put non-smoker as a preferance. I didn't say it had to be a female, I put it as a preference but not required.

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    I would also put what time someone is needed as opposed to what time they aren't needed.
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    yeah, i would take the "female" thing out. that would def put me off...
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    I agree with nicci here. As a female, I wouldn;t think anything wrong about being an aide for a guy, BUT, stating that you PREFER a female would start me thinking.
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    OK, I'll take the female thing. Thanks.

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    Also something to consider - don't know if it's a local thing or not - but when we lived in New Jersey, I tried to place an ad for a male aide, and got told I couldn't do that because it was discriminatory.

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