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    kivi, the work was done by Kai Liu and it was in rats.

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    kivi... Kind of aggressive comment
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    kivi... Kind of aggressive comment
    lunasicc42,I realise that you feel sorry for Dr.Wise,so let me assure you that I appreciate his efforts to resolve this complicated medical and scientific problem and don't doubt his sincere urge to help paralysed people get rid of this degrading condition.But I don't think it will happen before 2011 as you voted.Frankly speaking I'd be glad knowing for sure that some effective therapy will be available in 12-16 years from now.And I say that not for pulling out Dr.Wise's response,just try to clear up my attitude to this dismal situation.
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    Kivi, no more 12-16 years horizons; we're looking at some results that may mean a step forward this year. We can't let reasearchers belabor the postive outcomes we, or most, desire. We're moving forward and must keep the pressure on in a positve note.

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    Dr.Wise,before you start to regenerate spinal cord,please,reanimate somehow this dying cure-thread.And may be you will change your mind about posting from time to time some info concerning your lab's activity.Such reconsideration may help lynnifer's bringing back.Thank you.
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    Kivi, I think Wise should post more on his trial. I'd like to know the staus at this point and when the actuall trial will start. Periodic posts on the progression of the trial would be welcome for many of us on this forum. Trials are starting for als , ms, eyes, etc. Soon spinal cord trials will einter the human realm. We not only need to hear of these progressions, we nedd ot focus on them and push for phase 3 trials and beyond.

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    keeping on,thanks for your supporting.

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    keeping on,

    The status of the trials is not going to change on a daily basis.
    When there is an update you will hear about it here like you always do.

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    Jim, yes; but we need to know the status of recruits for the trial. We need to know. Wise indicated a delay of 6 months. That's an eternity and would like to know specifics on that. 6 months here and there and there goes the window we've been talking aobut.

    keepin on

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    Dr.Wise,by not replying to my post you make no good for your renommee.Reread DA's last post final sentence and perform some rehabilitation for not turning this sentence into sentence to your reputation.Yes,professor,you need it,as your "lithium pie" neverstarting trials becoming not inspiration but frustration.And there is still no light in the end of tunnel,just fen-fires in a swamp.And you with this "baking" looks more and more like faker not researcher, because for proving efficacy or not efficacy of your method you don't need human being,even not monkey,buy a pig(hope it affordable for your lab),paralyse it by demyelination, waite a month,restore it's spinal cord function-and you a HERO,because if such therapy suitable for pig it absolutely suitable also for homo sapiens. Excuse me my tone but you provoke it.

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