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Thread: For Sale: Activeaid Tubby II Foldable Shower Chair & Carry Case

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    For Sale: Activeaid Tubby II Foldable Shower Chair & Carry Case

    Funny thing happened at my house! I have been wanting to buy my husband this travel shower chair since we are taking our first vacation since he was injured very soon. I was telling my parents about it and I guess my Mom was milking me for info (where was I buying it from, etc). Well, I bought it to surprise my husband and so did my parents as a surprise to both of us!! Well, needless to say, we now have two and need only one. We both bought from AllegroMedical and this is a non-returnable item. So.... I have a brand new, never used Tubby II with the carrying case for sale!! Here is the link. For $425, I will ship it for free. PM me with any questions. Thanks

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    Bump Bump

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    If no interest, I am going to put this on ebay. I wanted to check here first. My husband likes his a lot.

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    Haven't gotten around to putting this on ebay yet. Any interest?

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    Possibly. Have to talk to family first.

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    Gina, on Allegro (from your link), they have it priced at $408.00 With carrying case, and ship free for that price. Total price + tax may approximate what you're charging (depending upon area tax rate). Plus, Allegro offers from 5-15 % discounts (special offers given at different times), which may make final cost cheaper than what you're offering.

    I thought this could be factoring in on the limited interest/offers you're receiving, and possibly could be considered in what price you set here or ebay.

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    Thanks for letting me know! They must have lowered the price since I bought it. I am very willing to accept less than what I paid. Anyone, please feel free to make a reasonable offer.

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    wish i could grab it but running short this month.

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    Well, it might still be here next month...

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    where in ga are you? i'm 45 minutes south of atlanta,

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