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Thread: Sexual climax on a flower?

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    Sexual climax on a flower?

    By Charles Q. Choi
    updated 1:08 p.m. ET, Mon., April. 28, 2008

    Australian tongue orchids are so good at pleasing male wasps that they sexually climax.

    Orchids may be enthralling to humans, but our love of these flowers only goes so far.

    Some wasps, on the other hand, find orchids so enchanting that they sexually climax while visiting them.

    The discovery sheds new light on the extremes to which flowers can evolve their beauty.

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    gunna need one powerful camera to see his weinee.
    oh well

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    While looking for a picture of a wasp penis, I found this article that suggest that male wasp spiders leave the tip of their penis inside female wasp spiders to prevent others from getting their load in. Tricky little dicks, those spiders (Source).

    Then I came across penises of earwigs (Source):
    Insect penises come in an extraordinary variety of shapes and sizes. Brush-shaped, football-shaped, and other fantastic structures are not unheard of. Rarely, however, do penises come in pairs. Earwigs of the family Anisolabidae are an exception.

    In particular, males of the earwig species Euborellia plebeja have two penises that are often longer than the earwig's one centimetre body. One of the E. plebeja penises, or virgae, as entomologists know them, usually points inwards, so researchers previously assumed that it wasn't a functional organ. To prove that is was, Dr Yoshitaka Kamimura, of the Tokyo Metropolitan University, and his colleague Dr Yoh Matsuo, interrupted the mating of nine earwig pairs by pinching the male's backside and lifting him off the female.

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