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Thread: Is the chicken the descendant of dinosaurs?

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    Is the chicken the descendant of dinosaurs?]
    From dinosaur to chicken
    Press Trust of India
    Saturday, April,26 2008 (Washington):

    Scientists are fleshing out the proof that today's chicken is descended from the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur.

    And, not a surprise, they confirmed a close relationship between mastodons and elephants.

    Fossil studies have long suggested modern birds were descended from T rex, based in similarities in their skeletons.

    Now, bits of protein obtained from connective tissues in a T rex fossil shows a relationship to birds including chickens and ostriches, according to a report in today's edition of the journal Science.

    "These results match predictions made from skeletal anatomy, providing the first molecular evidence for the evolutionary relationships of a non-avian dinosaur," Chris Organ, a postdoctoral researcher in biology at Harvard University said in a statement.

    Co-author John M Asara of Harvard University reported last year that his team had been able to extract collagen from a T rex and that it most closely resembled the collagen of chickens.

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    Birds in general are dinosaur,the movement of some birds and body structure

    jassim al-thani

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