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Thread: Do Diapers Cause More Frequent Uti's?

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    Do Diapers Cause More Frequent Uti's?

    A nurse a while ago told me that the fibers from diapers can cause more UTI's. Is there any truth to this?I'm considering wearing my diaper more but am concerned about this.Thanks!

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    Not heard that reasoning for not wearing a diaper. One would think the manufacturers have researched the issue. I'm a wearer and have maybe 3 UTIs a year. I'm like a basketball player--I dribble before I shoot. I do not want the embarrassment of peed pants, even if that means changing to fresh diapers during my up time.

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    3 UTI's a year? That sounds like a lot......

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    Padding (which is what adults use, not diapers) can increase your risks for UTI as well as skin infections and breakdown. This is not due to any problems with fibers, but because they promote colonization of the skin in the pelvic area with bowel bacteria whose growth is encouraged by being warm, moist and dark (under the padding). This skin colonization can increase the rate of UTI in those who do intermittent catheterization (males and females) and in females, due to the shorter urethra, even in those who don't catheterize.

    If someone is on a good bowel program there is rarely justification for the use of diapers for bowel care. For men, external condom catheters are a much better option for bladder leakage. Women don't have that option, so padding may be the best option if better bladder management (ie, proper medications, intermittent catheter, etc.) don't control leakage between caths. Reflex voiding as the only method of bladder management (male or female) is now-days considered an undesirable method of bladder management for both males and females by most authorities.

    PS: It would be very helpful if you would complete your profile so we know a little more about you when answering questions.


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    so if I change padding reletively quickly, will that cause UTIs? I ask this becuase I'm a T7 incomplete so in general I knwo when i need to go. But there are times when I travel that I'm thinking of using padding just in case. I don't have many accidents but somethimes you just want to be sure. The padding is mainly for bowel accident concerns. I haven't had a UTI for manys years and do not want to start is all....thanks

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    You will have a higher rate of skin colonization using padding than without, even if you don't have bowel accidents. We all have some bowel bacteria on our skin near our anus, but the numbers and areas of colonization will be higher if you are wearing padding for long periods of time, with or without a bowel movement occuring.

    What are you doing to get your bowel program improved?


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    my bowel program works pretty well. It's just for a trip to France that has me concerned. With different foods and a lack of acesible bathrooms, i figured I should be prepared. But hten again I don't want to trade one evil for the other (accidents vs UTis). Any adivice for my situation would be greatly appreciated.
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    Many people take special precautions before long plane flights to be more assured that they will not have a bowel accident in mid-flight. You can put yourself on a low residue (fiber) diet before hand for a few days, and do a minor bowel prep (mag citrate, etc.) and take Imodium before the flight if that works for you. This may require a "blast out" with laxatives once you arrive at your destination though.

    You may want to look at a couple of older posts about this problem here are a few:


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    It's kinda sweet how KLD and her kind try to give us another word, so we don't say we use diapers.

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    Words have great power.


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