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Multiple Sclerosis Lawsuit Collapses

Linked To Minor Injury
Ian Mulgrew, Canwest News Service Published: Saturday, April 26, 2008

VANCOUVER - A decade-long, $3-million lawsuit about whether a minor injury can trigger or exacerbate the onset of multiple sclerosis has collapsed after the B.C. Supreme Court ruled the underlying theory is likely bogus.

After hearing from the world's foremost neurological authorities, Justice Austin Cullen concluded in a recent pretrial ruling that medical consensus no longer considers trauma to be a potential catalyst of the disease linked to the body's autoimmune system.

The lengthy and complicated decision abruptly ended this specific suit, involving the Insurance Corporation of B.C.

Renowned researcher Dr. Charles M. Poser, from the Harvard Medical School and a senior neurologist with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, has been a leading figure in multiple sclerosis research for decades. He is broadly published and highly respected.

Yet Judge Cullen criticized the doctor for at times giving contradictory evidence, misinterpreting medical studies and slanting his testimony.

"Dr. Poser, who was the primary witness for the plaintiff, testified as an advocate for a theory that once had currency but has since been eroded by the advance of scientific studies and knowledge," the judge wrote ...