View Poll Results: What is your monthly SSDI check ater Medicare?

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  • < $200

    6 4.41%
  • $200-$499

    7 5.15%
  • $500-$799

    17 12.50%
  • $800-$999

    20 14.71%
  • $1000-$1299

    21 15.44%
  • $>$1300

    65 47.79%
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Thread: Ssdi

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    why? and what do you mean after medicare? the issue is you really need to pay for supplemental ins. to your medicare.

    if you have worked several yrs at a decent salary, your ssdi should be quite a bit over 1300.

    as mentioned by another poster, ssa sends out a yearly statement to those employed stating their yearly earnings, current ssdi amt, retirement amt, etc.

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    I didn't design the poll nor am I am familiar with the SSDI system at all (and not sure what that after medicare thing means), so I'm just looking at the data points on the poll.

    I'm thinking the poll is skewed with most of the data points above $1300, monthly.

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    oh, sorry, dan, i didn't see that was the poll question. ok, op, what does that mean?

    i'm thinking a lot of answers over 1300 for ssdi would be average. lots of ppl either with yrs of work before or after injury. if they have raised the monthly allowable for work to 940, it stands to reason what ppl are getting as a benefit isn't much higher than that.
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    I think the op means after they take out the cost of medicare part b.

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    B is about $100 a month. D is a fin joke.
    oh well

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    I think those 3 people that answered in the 200 to 499 should dump SSDI and go for SSI instead if they can. Isnt the SSI base payment better than 499? Do People even have a choice?

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    Since I became disabled before age 22, and had a parent that was deceased, I'm able to collect off his social security. Otherwise I would only be getting around $600. Right now I'm at 1354 or something, but have to pay 151 back for Title 19 MEPD insurance... It sucks because I wasn't making crap for money when I got hurt, so I'm kinda screwed until I can start making more. Hopefully soon, so I can get off this crap...
    T8/9 (2-24-06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    art, i don't know the circumstances of your friends, but it doesn't sound routine. 22 yrs ago my accident happened. i returned to work a year later, remained on ssdi for a few yrs while working pt because my work related expenses offset my significant gainful activity, as defined by ssa, so i made more than the allowed monthly amount (which was then $500). now it is 940.

    in any case, you do not lose eligibility for ssdi just because you choose to go off it and work. when you reach a point you can no longer work, you apply again. maybe if you keep bouncing back and forth they question you, i don't know. after all, ssdi is not unemployment ins.

    i just spoke briefly with an attorney about my current situation and she said i should be a slam dunk for getting on it again. she didn't think i would need her help. i think a lot has to do with who you talk to. in my case, i am fortunate to have grown up with someone who is now a chief judge. all my legal referrals come from her.

    and yes, i know all about the 2 yr wait for medicare after ssdi award, interim std, ltd, dis retirement (at my company) etc. in fact, i can be on medical leave of absence for 30 months, which means i retain my full health/dental ins. benefits throughout that time period.
    If you get SSDI....when you apply and get means you are unable to work....PERIOD...Then they dangle the carrot in front of r nose to the tune of up to 940 dollars....hoping you will stretch your neck out... so they can chop it off...Like I said a friend of mine did took them 2 years before they got him....I looked it up online....I found the 940 dollar thing in 2 spots....You take the chance and let me no what happens to you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy13
    I think those 3 people that answered in the 200 to 499 should dump SSDI and go for SSI instead if they can. Isnt the SSI base payment better than 499? Do People even have a choice?
    If you get SSI most your medical is paid free....they have it better on health ins. then we do on medicare.


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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue
    Well it's a sore spot for me bc I made good money. I just didn't work for several years 2000 - 2003 until my son got in preschool. That's the only time since I was 14 I didn't have a paycheck. My husband (now ex) was working 2 jobs paying in so I could do that. It kind of punishes the stay at home parents.
    Your post is one of the reasons I put up a poll, unfortunately I did not break it out further after reaching $1400. Is there anybody out there who makes more than $1500 or $1600 from SSDI? I think it reaches its maximum in the $1400's.

    I broke my neck when I was 21 but I also had paid Social Security since I was 13. I always had a job while going to school and was Denny's while living in the dorms at college.

    I went back to work at four different jobs after graduating in 1985, the last one circa 2001 (resigning from) for approximately a total of six years and I get more than $1400 after they deduct the Medicare premium.

    This is why I don't understand Addie Suess situation and or what's going to happen to be in my situation so I wrote this letter to Social Security and when I get a response I will post the answer.

    Social Security Administration
    Office of Public Inquiries
    Windsor Park Building
    6401 Security Blvd.
    Baltimore, MD 21235

    Dear Sir's:

    I am writing to request an explanation about my Social Security disability insurance payments.

    Can you please explain to me how my annuity was calculated, and if or how much the payment will change once I reached 65?

    How will my Social Security payments be calculated once I reach 65 and how does being on SSDI effect this?

    I would like to know if there is a maximal amount that anyone can receive under SSDI? Is there a maximum amount someone can receive under Social Security when they retire?

    Do I automatically convert from SSDI to Social Security when I reach 65?

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