San Francisco Injury Lawyer Educates About Spinal Cord Personal Injury Facts!

April 25, 2008

San Francisco ( — The San Francisco personal attorney of Mary Alexander & Associates speaks out for the injured who have been involved in accidents that cause injury to their spinal cord, thus forcibly cutting them off from work–and sometimes, life. Victims of spinal cord injuries have to face medical bills, hospitalization expenses, loss of wages, etc. The law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates specializes in handling personal injury cases like spinal cord injuries and helps the injured get the rightful compensation for the injuries caused to them.
Spinal cord injury is the most incapacitating injury one can endure. It can happen due to any accident like car collisions, slips, acts of violence, or sports. Additionally, a spinal cord injury might occur because of diseases like polio, Friedreich’s Ataxia and spina bifida. It is an injury that can disconnect your brain and disable it from sending messages to your body system that controls sensory. The devastating affect of a spinal cord injury can put the patient to bed for the rest of their lives.
The compassionate attorneys at the San Francisco law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates has over 25 years of practice and a continuous winning streak that has helped many injured in claiming compensation for the injury inflicted to them through courtroom trials and settlements. Mary Alexander & Associates work on a contingency basis, hence their clients do not face the financial burden of out of pocket expenses and legal fees. The personal injury lawyers in San Francisco, Mary Alexander & Associates charge their consultation and legal fee only when they successfully help the injured in recovering the compensation for their injuries.
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