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Thread: Iran invents extremely sticky nanoglue

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    Iran invents extremely sticky nanoglue
    Iran invents extremely sticky nanoglue

    Wed, 23 Apr 2008 23:01:44

    Iranian scientists have employed nanoparticles in an innovative way, inventing a new generation of tension-resistant tissue glue.

    The 'nanoglue' made of branched biopolymer is characterized by its high adhesive and tension-resistant quality. Its effect becomes apparent in less than a minute.

    Scientists say because it is rich in fibrinogen, extracted from the patients own blood, allergic reactions are rarely reported when used.

    The glue also contains high amounts of fibronectin, which facilitates the conjunction of biological agents to a cellular scaffold, improving the tissue repair process.

    Shahid Beheshti University scientists claim the glue has been successfully tested in repairing intestines, trachea, fallopian tubes and brachial plexus on dogs.

    They add that the intestinal repair process, considered as one of the most sophisticated operations, can be simplified using the new glue.

    According to the scientists, the glue has also shown promising results in repairing fallopian tubes, helping the treatment of infertile couples.

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    They're also tapping into stem cells. They've reported gains for completes.

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