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Thread: I have less than a month...

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    I have less than a month...

    And my 2nd baby boy will be here!!!

    I am soo excited. My little boy is 3.5 now and he is about to have a little brother!!

    My due date is May 27 but I am having a repeat c-section on May 20.

    I'm bigger now but here is a pic of me last month!

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    oops -- this should probably be moved to family?!
    L1,2 Para since 9-12-99
    Mommy to William (2004) Lucas (2008) Nathan (2011)
    The Wheelchair Mommy Blog

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    Congrats glitterGirl, glad to hear you're happy and healthy A boy needs a brother, makes life much more fun.
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    Nice going!!!

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    AWW! Congratulations!! Please post pictures of the baby when he comes.

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    Have you seen Juno by any chance during your pregnancy? I think it's quite amusing and funny. I'm not suggesting you're a teen who accidentally got pregnant, but only that the film deals with pregnancy and motherhood as principal topics. It's very cute.

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    Congrats, can't wait to see pictures
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    Early congrats.
    Go Georgia Bulldogs

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    Hi Priscilla;

    Congrats! Best wishes for the delivery. We want pictures.

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    Congrats! Names? I always wanted a little boy name SAMUEL!
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