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Thread: Cultures for UTI came back Negative

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    Cultures for UTI came back Negative

    Monday evening I began feeling "the twitch" in my right leg. I'm L-1, have the use of my left leg, feeling in the back of the right leg but no feeling in front. Anyhow when I get an infection the front of the leg begins to rock and roll, under the knee cap is horrible. Before bed on Monday night I cath myself and it was all cloudy but no odor, there was even crud in the bottom of the cath itself. Tues when I woke up cloudy again and no odor, no odor at all these past couple of days. Went to a primary doc, not my spinal and told her about it and brought in a urine sample but it was clear. Kind of like telling the mechanic a problem you have with your car but when they drive it the problem disappears. Was running about 100.7 as well. Wednesday my temp spiked at around 100.00 and felt horrible all day long, sometimes the urine was cloudy and if I drank a bunch of water it would be clearer. Well the cultures both urine and blood came back negative but my doc called in 2 weeks of Cipro because my temp was in the mid 99's and I had more leg pain. I told him that I took 6mg of Dilaudid before bed last night just so I could sleep because the Ibuprofen was not working.

    So I don't get it, how can I have all these symptoms minus odor and blood in the urine and the cultures come back Neg?

    One other question, I can go on my own but not fully empty out the bladder. Is it safe to push down in that area to get the urge to go or could I be pushing urine back into my kidneys?

    I contacted my spinal nurse through email about this but the Hospital rules state that they cannot give out info over email which I think is totally BS, I'm giving her permission and could care less about the privacy rules.

    I'm sorry for the long drawn out question but I really don't understand what's going on.

    I did bring some Gatorade to the drug store so once I got the Cipro I could chug away, not wanting to waste anymore time. Oh, and I asked the one Doc on Tues to please order some Cipro for me but she said "no", not until the cultures show I guess. 2 days wasted!

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    Yours is not a clear cut case. You having more spasms, a low grade temp, urinary retention and culture negative. In these cases, it is usually at the discretion of the clinician and patient as whether to treat. Could you possibly have the flu?

    Do you usually not empty your bladder fully? Do you do IC's? It sounds like you do not.Using the tapping or pushing down (crede) is not recommended for the reason you mentioned. Sometimes a UTI can cause some temporary urinary retention until the anbitibiotic kicks in, but if it continues, I would consider IC'ing.

    Keep us posted.


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    No the flu wouldn't cause the pain in my leg. Well they couldn't find anything in the cultures but my doc started me on Cipro yesterday and now it's going to take a couple of days before it kicks in, temp is in the high 99's this morning but I'll keep taking the tylenol I guess. I do IC but wanted to cut back on using the caths and I always IC before leaving the house. I saw a post in here about "pushing down" and that's what I thought it meant and now I know it's a big no no, thank you for pointing that out.

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh I asked the doc I saw on Tuesday to please start me on Cipro, I would be almost homefree on how I feel right now if she would have prescribed the pills Going to take a couple/few days just to get a normal temp.

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