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Thread: Had first accident in a long time, still feeling not so good, what is it??

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    Had first accident in a long time, still feeling not so good, what is it??

    Out of nowhere I had an accident a few days ago, first one in about 2 years. I don't know why it happened, maybe I ate something. It was pretty bad.

    I do a program every other day. I felt terrible and sick when it happened. I didn't hardly eat anything, and my first program was pretty normal, understandably smaller. I started eating a little, this morning there was a decent amount of blood that came during the program, I use a magic bullet. The blood happens though maybe once every 2 months and goes away.

    I'm still feeling uncomfortable in my lower stomach, I got a little dizzy today over nothing. I'm scared something could be wrong? I guess I should go to the doctor? What is he gonna tell me? I don't have a UTI that stuff all feels normal.

    Help please???

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    If you are uncomfortable and dizzy, I would contact your doctor.

    Could be you are constipated or impacted, which can cause nausea and/or accident but perhaps a good exam or xray can diagnose the problem.


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    Is that possible though if I had results after the bowel program the morning of the day I got dizzy?

    I'm not like constantly dizzy it just happened when I was workin out for like a half hour then it went away.

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    There has been a stomach thing going son got it....he is ab....cramps....shits.....some blood.....2 weeks later I get is really bad....I had the shits for 48 hours....been like 2 weeks ago I feel fine now.
    First time I have had the shits in over 5 years.


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