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Thread: Can UTI's Go Away WITHOUT Antibiotics?

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    Question Can UTI's Go Away WITHOUT Antibiotics?

    Beginning of last week, I noticed my bladder was becoming more spastic. I was also pretty tired and then my urine got cloudy and was smelling funky. For sure, I figured I had another UTI. So I took a sample in on Thursday morning to get checked. Starting Thursday night, I was in an indoor ball tournament. After the game, we sat in the beer garden WAY to long and I had quite a few whiskeys. Bladder didn't bother me much. Friday, I get up and cath and notice my urine is clear. I went out of town on Friday and fully expected my bladder to give me grief for indulging the night before. It ended up not bothering me at all. Friday night, the tournament continued and I once again visited the beer gardens with a similar performance. Saturday and Sunday went by with clear urine and no spastic bladder. It's now Monday night and I am still feeling good with no apparent symptoms. However, my doctor called today telling me my labs came back positive for some kind of bug that is sensitive to Macrobid and sulfa. He gave me a prescription, but I am wondering if I should hold off taking it until the symptoms come back? Is it possible to get rid of a UTI on my own? Or, is it just that the symptoms are not pronounced right now and I should take the antibiotics and get it over with?

    I could conclude that every time I feel an UTI coming on, I should got out and drink rye and cokes until the wee hours of the morning. However I thought I should first ask the advice of those who are a bit more educated than I.

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    I've always been told that you have to have antibiotics to get rid of the UTI and I think I'll be going on them tomorrow myself for one. Damn it was a year ago the 1st week of April when I got my last one and damn things usually knock me out of the game for around 5 days Take the pill before it comes back with a vengance.

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    I can usually tell when I have a UTI coming on and I push the fluids. For me, it's the clarity of my urine and whatnot that I use as a telltale sign. So, I would've drank a lot of water on Thursday when you first noticed your urine was funky. I would've also cathed more frequently to decrease the time the urine sits in the bladder. And it's also probably worth mentioning that I would have not sent my urine to be tested, so I would probably not be questioning its state as you are now.

    Is there a reason you are trying to avoid the antibiotics? Do you find that you've been taking them a lot in the past?

    To answer your question, I'm sure it's possible for your body to fight the infection on its own if you give it the resources it needs. But, you won't know for sure unless you have it tested again since you currently have no apparent symptoms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoink
    I could conclude that every time I feel an UTI coming on, I should got out and drink rye and cokes until the wee hours of the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis
    Is there a reason you are trying to avoid the antibiotics? Do you find that you've been taking them a lot in the past?
    I went over two years post injury without having to take any antibiotics. Over the past two, I have been getting an UTI every couple of months. I don't want to take any more antibiotics than I have to. However, last UTI I had, I left it too long. I had a really busy schedule at the time and put off getting it tested. It ended up going up into my kidneys. That put me down for a couple of days and I had to go on a much stronger antibiotic to get rid of it. I won't be doing that again.

    I've changed up a few things with my technique but haven't hit on the combination that keeps the UTI's away. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about the darn things...

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    This is an interesting question. I would ask what the method your clinician uses to diagnose a UTI. If UTI was diagnosed from a urine culture along (without a Complete blood count/CBC) and in the absence of any other symptoms, you may have showed some colonization that comes and goes.

    However, if the UTI was diagnosed with a CBC and you had other symptoms at the time, you probably need antibiotics. Personally, I would have this discussion with your doctor who knows your bladder history and decide if a more current urine culture is needed.

    I must say that I have heard of people's symptoms clearing up with alcohol, though that makes little sense to me as alcohol is usually a bladder stimulant and worsens symptoms.

    You would benefit from reading the CDC guidelines on diagnosing a UTI (elevated WBC, positive culture, other symptoms such as fever, increased spasms,etc)and sharing this information with your doctor. I have been unsuccessful finding the link and don't want to delay sending this response. I will send it later.


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    my uti just goes into remission...sometimes its a week, sometimes a month, sometimes six

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    Hi Yoink,

    About 20 years ago I got a very severe UTI. I live alone and the UTI was so bad and I felt so weak that I didn't want to drive anywhere, let alone to the ER. So I just rode it out. I remember having a temperature of over 104*F for days. An acquaintence of mine would stop by ocassionally (usually to bum something or raid my refrigerator of beer, etc.) and he thought I was just talking or mumbling in my sleep. I think I was actually partially comatose because I don't remember much of anything. It lasted for about a week (I think) and I suppose my body fought it off. I may have been close to death, I don't know.

    So to answer your question, yes, I think UTIs can be healed by our bodies without using antibiotics. But at what price? Now I keep a variety of antibiotics around, just in case, but I've been bacterially uncolonized and febrile UTI-free for 30 months by keeping bacteria out of my bladder.

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    I would say you were quite lucky to survive that- I definitely would not let a fever go over 102 for more than 24 hours without contacting a doctor.
    An untreated UTI such as that usually goes into a bloodstream infection or sepsis and can be fatal if not treated.


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    Damn! Glad you are OK bob!

    When I was a kid I used to get strep throat all the fricken time, and I always got the terrible shot in the ass. I grew to hate that so much that the next time I didn't tell my mom I was sick and avoided her as best I could. I got pretty sick but oddly I never got strep again.

    One time a few years back I thought I had a UTI, all the normal problems but it tested neg. I think I may have hurt my bladder, perhaps putting the cath line in to far. Or maybe from a fall, I don't really know. Could be that too, just an idea or heck maybe there was to much sediment. I sure have a lot sometimes!

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