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Thread: Unexpected Excellent Workout

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    Woodland, CA, USA Old male, T12 incomplete TM 2004
    I love my Freewheel. My dog, Sky, and I have traveled over 400 miles so far this calendar year. We have hit a top speed of 13.7 mph and I never felt unsafe.
    TM 2004 T12 incomplete

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    Cant wait...

    Can't wait for an adaptable version for a non fixed foot plate....
    Can I just change the footplate to fixed for my son?. We never fold up his chair..
    Maybe Santa can make this happen...

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    I was trying to look at the video and I get a message "video was removed by user?"

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    I was trying to post a pic of my favorite moment this summer on mine on a trail, but the picture was HUGE! So here's a link to my blog with a couple short videos of me on mine this summer if you're interested

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