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amarillogal, I've been testing two different tire designs. I is a 12" bicycle tire and one is a solid foam wheel. The solid foam wheel impressed me because its light and narrow. And it has less rolling resistance on many surfaces. City trecking, it'd say it is best. The bicycle tire is wider and heavier, but not heavy. It glides over grass and gravel (and snow) better. It feels soooo good to coast over grass, for example, when I used to dread the inching along syndrome!

As users report back to me I really am surprised to hear their comments. "I played frisbee golf for the first time!" and " I can't imagine not using this!"

Another coment, " I can't afford not using this!"

I say, "Stop it some more!"

I've found that going to the lake for fishing or watercraft has been a ball with a FreeWheel.

Let me know if you have any questions, Pat


I don't know if you saw my last reply. However, "manuel" is misspelled in your video ad. Are you purposely doing this? It should be "manual", otherwise.