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    Medical marijuana

    It's just after 420 day and I was doing some reading. Why marijuana is still a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no medicinal value and a high potential for abuse, and continues to be federally prohibited is beyond me. Even in states where it is legalized, and dispensed with a physician's prescription, patients and doctors are at risk for prosecution. Why it is still illegal in my opinion is some of our legislators uninformed/misinformed, biased and archaic opinions.

    The American College of Physicians released a position paper in January, Supporting Research into the Theraputic Role of Marijuana . Here are a few excerpts I found very interesting, and I suggest you read it in it's entirety.

    Anecdotal, survey, and clinical trial data suggest that smoked marijuana and oral THC provide relief of spasticity, pain, and tremor in some patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal cord injuries, or other trauma (18, 19).

    And for those who use the old "gateway drug" standard-

    The concern that marijuana is a “gateway” drug also hinders opportunities to evaluate its potential therapeutic benefits. However, the IOM concluded that marijuana is a gateway drug only in the sense that its use normally precedes, rather than follows, initiation of other illicit drugs. Marijuana has not been proven to be the cause or even the most serious predictor of serious drug abuse. It is also important to note that the data on marijuana’s role in illicit drug use progression only pertains to its nonmedical use (41).

    And lastly, as far as marijuana being addictive-

    The IOM also concluded that compared with other licit and illicit drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, and cocaine, “dependence among marijuana users is relatively rare and dependence appears to be less severe than dependence on other drugs.” (40)

    I apologize in advance for breaking any posting guidelines, as I am currently self-medicating with marijuana.

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    I apologize in advance for breaking any posting guidelines, as I am currently self-medicating with marijuana.
    Haaaaa, that's funny Zoso you crack me up.
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    It's a very complicated mess. Have you seen the documentary Grass? It's extremely entertaining as well as informative. There are a lot of reasons for the war on marijuana, but I guess the biggest reason it's still illegal is because the general public still believes the old propaganda.

    I agree that it does have some legitimate medical uses. Back when I used to smoke, it was the only thing that ever helped my migraines and the nausea that came with them. I never had insomnia back then either!

    That being said, smoking MJ is far from healthy. I think if you're going to keep with it, it would be smart to look into a vaporizer or (if you've got money), orally ingesting it. Breathing all the smoke into your lungs will catch up to you one day, and it's not pretty!

    Hey, if you really need it, move up here to Oregon and get medical card. My mom's neighbor has one, and they've got plants growing all along the sides of their house (where most people would have flowers or something).

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    I tried it once after my SCI to help with the muscles, funny thing was the 'pins and needles' in my feet went extream. I hated it. Did I not toke enough? Hmmm.. but I guess I wasn't made to get mellow darn it. I didn't need the munchys anyway.
    I have known many people that the intake of med. MJ has done alot of good- MS,cancer,trauma, all had positive results. Might not work for all, but enough to warrant legal distrabution. For one of my friend who has passed with the big C, it made her last months bareable. The sad part was watching her poor mom try to get her hooked up with a bag. A nice older lady calling people on the phone,trying to sound non-narc like. terrible.
    they had tried the pill form, but it didn't help her. Some Dr's say the smoking of it is all in thier heads, but it worked. It calmed her down,helped her eat, made the pain less. At that point,who cares about lung cancer? She was already dying.

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    Thanks watchthisbaby, I just had to throw that in there.

    Jason, I haven't seen it but will look into it. I recently saw a very well done documentary on either HBO or one other of the "premium" networks but don't remember the name. I'll try to find it later.

    As far as smoking, I know it's unhealthy and unfortunately have smoked tobacco as well as MJ off and on for 11 years. If anything is a gateway drug for pot it's tobacco IMO, because you're already smoking one thing so that takes almost all of the fear out of it.

    Thanks for the invite to Oregon, but we had a crawfish boil Saturday and gumbo Sunday. It just wouldn't be the same lol. And as far as it's illegality, I haven't been caught in 11 years and there's rarely a shortage even in a small town in a rural area. Sad thing is that it's just as easy to get meth, cocaine and crack. Some war on drugs.

    Virgo, when my neuropathy is bad I don't smoke because it makes it worse. It doesn't cause it to start only aggravates it when it's already hurting. It definitely helps relax my spasms and spasticity.
    No human society, present or past, has lacked music. Music is therefore one of the very few human universals, which puts it on the same level as food and sex.
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    I smoke every day. it really calms my spasms plus it helps me eat. i just hav no intrest in food sometimes i have to force myself to eat.

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