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    A buncha us girls are headed down to Seattle to celebrate the end of exams, and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions about what we can do while we're down there? There's a lot of tourist-y stuff online, but it's always nice to hear from locals about great things to check out. We're trying to keep the trip pretty cheap!

    I'd love to hear some ideas!

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    Not from the area obviously, but I remember looking into a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska to Seattle to San Francisco (now it goes to Oregon instead darn it) but the lunch at the Space Needle sounded interesting with a giant market nearby. Touristy but Boeing apparently gives tours and who couldn't resist Starbucks from where it started! (Those were my plans anyway lol). Expensive though.
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    I assume you are driving? The shopping in downtown Seattle is great (where are you staying?), including Pike Place Market, which is pretty accessible (you may have to ask for directions to the elevators).

    The food at the Space Needle is not very good, and expensive. If you go up there to see the view without eating there you will have to pay a fee. The view of the city from a ferry off the waterfront (you can just ride back and forth) is nearly as good, and more fun.

    The Seattle Museum of Art is not far from Pike Place and has excellent exhibits. The aquarium is on the waterfront beneath Pike Place Market.

    If you can get down to Tacoma, the Museum of Glass is wonderful.


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    Ooohhh, I'd like the Glass Museum. The Art Museum here in OKC, of all places, has an entire-floor installation of glass by Dale Chihuly. It really is an amazing medium for talented artist to work in.

    Let us know how Seattle is, K. My stepbro lives there, I've always wanted to visit. Have fun!

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    Thanks for the tips!

    I forgot to mention that I've been to Seattle before, but it's always been either a day trip, or a quick drive through to the airport to fly out of it. (It's cheaper to fly to American destinations from Sea-Tac than from Vancouver.)

    I've checked out Pike Market Place before and I love it!! We definetly plan on going there. I also went to the Space Needle once, with a friend who was in a chair and we got all the way to the top and then when we tried to step out onto the observation deck which is probably the coolest part because you get to see the city from so high up, and it wasn't accessible.

    This is the first time I'm staying in the city for three days, so we'll really get a chance to explore. I read somewhere that the city of Seattle used to be built a lot closer to the water, but it was washed out, so they had to rebuild the city a little higher. Apparently the old city still exists underneath the new one. Cool huh?

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    EWWWWWWW STAY AWAY. It just freakin snowed here this weekend. The weather is sucking worse than usual :\

    That said... I heard EMP (Experience Music Project) is cool. Lived here ummm 20 years, I'm 24 and still haven't been lol. Pike Place, Downtown Bellevue for shopping, Space Needle is overrated IMO, goto a Mariners game the stadium is very accessible and ummm Kirkland is kinda cool to hang out by the waterfront also small stores on the strip. I live in Bellevue so Seattle kinda sucks to goto sometimes so we don't venture out there too often. You'll find plenty of things to do while you're here. Night life is good down on 1st Ave too... I'll throw a party at my house for ya'll

    Have fun but wait till summer :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by KiranA
    A buncha us girls are headed down to Seattle to celebrate the end of exams.....
    I'd love to hear some ideas!
    Make sure at least one of your gfs has a bacon chalupa in her purse. I hear that works real well.

    For those who haven't seen the commercial:

    Two attractive young women are out together at a nightclub. One of them suddenly detects the smell of bacon. Her friend reveals that she has a Taco Bell Bacon Chalupa stashed away IN HER PURSE! Since men supposedly can't resist the smell of bacon, she figured this would be a great way to attract them. Lo & behold, three attractive guys approach the two women, lured by the intoxicating aroma of bacon.

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    I visited the Experience Music Project back in 2000. Pretty neat, though I understand it's changed somewhat since then. Not sure about accessibility.

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    HOLD ON HERE...kiran, you are NOT comin here w/o meetin for dinner. that's it or i'm callin the border. if only i could get lex here. why doncha e me?

    emp, like all of seattle center, is accessible. do not eat at the space needle; however, on a sunny day, it's worth going to the top for the view (you get a discount for chr cause you can't go outside up there). oh, i just read you already know that.

    underground seattle, which you also mentioned, is true and a tour that i don't believe is accessible. took it when ab. the current sidewalks are several feet higher than where the original ones existed. long story there.

    Anthony's Homeport is good place to eat at Pier 66, if you want, i can arrange to take us all (your friends, too) out there. wise went there with lex and me. a girl's night out would surely be fun for this old mom! i need something other than my 15 yr old son!
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    Hey KiranA -

    A couple of sample days could include:

    - Get the tourist's attractions under your belt in one day. Pioneer Square, the market and waterfront, ride the ferry and back to Bainbridge Island, hit up the Westlake Center area, the new Sculpture Garden and Space Needle to earn your tourist badge!

    You can spend an easy day exploring downtown just people watching, there are good pubs and coffee house everywhere and it's hard to find a bad restaurant. It's nice to pack in a whole day on foot after a long drive, busses run like clockwork, are very wheelchair friendly (as is the city) and make it easy to get around.

    - The Japanese tea garden in the arboretum is a good place to start your morning. Then you're close to the U district/college area. There's a popular Mexican food joint down on the water, if you're inclined you can rent kayaks there and paddle around for an hour. They are very helpful getting you in and out - just get a 2 seater. Gasworks Park is a must see with a great view of the city on the water.

    It's a short drive (or push on the bikepath) to Fremont. You can spend easy hours there, unique boutique shops, pubs, scenery and character watching. The Fremont Market is a must if you're there on Sunday.

    Ballard is further down the road, the same applies with cool historical street of little shops. Continue on to Golden Gardens park on the Puget Sound waterfront, one of the best parks/views (along with Discovery) in the city. I go down and push the miles of flat trail all the time. Time your day right and hit up Ray's Boathouse (just outside GG park) for an awesome seafood/cocktail happy hour (4-6) and watch the sun set over the Olympics. Ballard and Fremont have great nitelife and lots of venues to see live music.

    If you want to get out of the city, check out the wineries in Woodinville. Nothing like wine tasting, bread and cheese.

    Take a driving break on your way down or back and check out the Tulip Festivlal (Burlington Exit off I-5) it's worth it. There is the quaint little town of La Conner at the south end of the valley on the river that is worth the extra drive.

    Anyways, there is so much to do and it's easy getting around in the chair. I've been here most of my life and never get bored for lack of things to do. If any of you have a GPS it will make your life easier getting around. Feel free to ask or PM if you need any advice, I'm happy to lend a recommendation or tip....

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